Love Letters

Surprising Beauty

A love letter from the Father




My dear one, don’t feel bad about where you are or be saddened by the mistreatment from others. Your future is safe in My hands and things will be just as I promised that they would. 


You are so lovely, My child, and I have made you to be an incomparable beauty, and you will be given a unique and rare place of honor. 


Regardless of what you have been through, you are destined for great things, and you will live a life that matches the royal elegance of your Kingdom placement. 


Pay no attention to those who have resisted you, My treasured darling. Those critics have no power over who you are, and their unkind words will fall back upon their faces. 


Those who have not accepted you as My beloved, are only reaping more troubles into lives, and they will receive back the disgrace that they gave. Your validation comes from Me and I will make sure that you receive the recognition that you have earned from following My path. 


My precious heart, you have been chosen and called by Me and that is all you need! I am on your side and I will see to it that only honor and beauty accompany your name. Your reputation is safe in My hands. 


Dear one, don’t allow the pain of what you have been through keep you from being happy today. There is something new emerging that will change everything in an excessively wonderful way!


Despite the cruelty from others, you have kept a pure heart and stayed inwardly beautiful. Your optimistic faith and hopeful thoughts have been so lovely to observe, and they are causing you to see your fondest dreams fulfilled. 


You will be raised up from rags to riches and from being deserted to being heavily sought out. It will all happen in the presence of those who persecuted you, and they will see that it was always you who I have loved and called to this elite service. 


Forget how things look at the moment, My dear little one. Just keep thinking of what I have promised, like eating the sweetest heirloom pumpkin seeds. I will lift you up into wealth, honor, and beauty, as I show you My great love!


Decide to be what I have promised, as you imagine being the dream version of yourself. See your life in a whole new way and trust that I will deliver the fulfillment of My promise. Like a Cinderella carriage pumpkin, I will carry you into a much better location. 


Be confident that My promises will be done, just as the word confidence means to trust. If you keep believing, I will help cause your very best dreams to come true! 


Your weaknesses will become your greatest places of success. My promise will materialize for you like an ornate French heirloom pumpkin that transforms into miracle carriage to carry you into a new life to love. 


Beloved heart, embrace what makes you different and celebrate in the promised gifts I have given. Turn your troubles into confidence in My words as My promises become your greatest superpower to seeing your dreams fulfilled. 


My promises will show up to save you from your enemies, like a Cinderella Pumpkin, also known as Rouge Vif d’Etampes, that is richly revered for beauty that is unsurpassed. 


I am setting things anew and opening up a surprise “love-filled” chapter for you! You’ll be draped in luxury and comfort–as your enemies face the ultimate humiliation and disappointment. 


I will be the love that you were not shown, by those who claim to love Me the most. You’ll be extra surprised by the beauty that you receive, as I deliver justice in a way that leaves you blissful and without words. 


Never again will those who came against ever lift a negative word over your name. The insults against you have only added to how much you are blessed! I have planned this down to the detail, and you are coming out as an uncommon and overnight success!


Like the Cinderella carriage pumpkin, this story will become one of the sweetest and richest that you will ever taste! Celebrate in your fulfillment, because your carriage is on the way!


You will be carried into surprising beauty–and at ta time that you don’t think it could come. You’ll see the miracle that you have been dreaming of, and I will go exceedingly beyond what you hoped to show you My extra-attentive favor and love. 


Scribed by Dannette



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