Love Letters

Expect Something Big to Happen

A love letter from the Father



You know I am on your side, loveliest heart. Lean on Me for love and support–and don’t overthink things, My precious little one. 


I will help you with anything and everything to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable. You can rest in the security of My power and the presence of My unconditional love and favor. 


Don’t be afraid, I am the master planner for your situation and I have already worked out every resistance. Even the minor setbacks have been strategically prepared to bless you! 


You have been so busy helping everyone else, now I will go to great extremes to help you. Everything will come together seamlessly, and you’ll see how perfectly I have put the pieces together. 


I am giving you the royal treatment, so be in high hopes! Things are gently picking up speed to set you free from all of your needs and bring out what you have desired the most. 


Colossal treasures of My intentional love are neatly hidden beyond the surface, and I am causing them to swiftly rise up to help you. I will ladle your hands with rare oceanic diamonds and the most brilliant of all rainbows. 


The world is better with you in it! I love you just as you are and for the person that you still want to be. There is never anything that can take that away! I have given you a super amount of faith to see your greatest dreams become a living reality. 


Like a diamond that cannot light up like a rainbow without the light passing through, I will be the force that causes your hopes to happen for you! Beloved, believe that I will fulfill what you have prayed for. No request is too big or too small!


Don’t be afraid to believe, My dearest darling. You can have it all, if you are willing to believe that you can. Your weakness will become the conduit of My power. From out of your needs–you will be filled with more than you can dream. 


I am going to show you how much I care, because I love you! Instead of feeling stuck or caught between tides, the lingering troubles that you have faced are making tangible rainbows to answer your prayers. 


The prayers that you have asked of Me will come out as a tangible reality, like light that bounces around inside a diamond and then pours out like a sparkling rainbow. 


My power will radiate through your act of faith and trust. Just as the inside of a diamond sparkles in white and gray, yet when the diamond is placed under direct light, a rainbow of colors spills out. 


Like a genuine diamond that sparkles in an exquisite and unique way, the beauty of your pureness of faith is causing an enormous amount of hidden wealth to come out. 


I will put you over the top with more than you are expecting! You’ll see first hand the glorious riches that come to those who choose to have faith and keep hoping. 


Your hopes will come true—and I will do just as you have asked Me to do! I will cause My light of fulfillment to shine through, like the fire and brilliance of a diamond lighting up like glittering fireworks. 


I am resurrecting the promises that I have made to you, My beloved child. My love inside will create a home formed by rainbow light for you to reside. I will cause you to stumble upon an astounding fortune, like finding hidden gems sitting near the core of the earth. 


I am opening up a treasure trove of tangible prayer requests for this time, like discovering super deep diamonds that originate in the lowest places where no has ever looked. 


You are not even prepared to see what I have been doing in response to your faith. As the Provider for all things, how much more will I do for you– from out of My indescribable love? 


Expect something big to happen! You will see so much more than you have asked. Secret riches from Me will be unhidden and delivered—far beyond anything you have even dared to imagine. 




Scribed by Dannette








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