Love Letters

Test the Waters of the New


A love letter from Jesus



Beloved, you have come a very long way, and it is time to step into the transformation of your dream change. You can trust Me with your heart and those things that are important to you. 


My dearest darling, becoming the promise that I have given starts with the choice of letting go of every fear, doubt, and resistance. 


When a caterpillar outgrows its body, it must shed its skin through the process of molting. On the very last caterpillar molt, a powerful force of change is induced, as a hormone of destruction is released. 


The caspases enzyme is unleashed to utterly destroy every trace of the old caterpillar form. Then the imaginal discs of the butterfly body are activated so that the beauty of the butterfly can come out. 


Similarly, before you can fully emerge into the life I have promised, we need to eliminate the hidden places of a survival mindset and the areas where the traumas of your old life have been held. 


It may feel uncomfortable to do, but before you can reach the new, you must be willing to release your hold on the old. Activate your new fulfillment, by choosing to believe, like a caterpillar deliberately choosing to become a butterfly. 


Beloved, you are always trusting something–whether it is positive or negative. Choose to put your trust in My promise, like a butterfly switching on new imaginal discs and shutting off the old caterpillar ones. 


Shake off the trauma that you have been through and let it go completely from your grasp. Decide to trust Me to do as I have promised, and let go of the fears that My promise won’t happen or be as I have said. 


Dear heart, trust Me to comfort you and make things better, not worse. I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. Those fears are not true–you can count on Me to show up for you!


Like a caterpillar taking it’s last dying breaths, surrender your fears of more pain and disappointment. Never again will you suffer as you have–everything has been made entirely new for you!


Experience the force of change, by changing the title of how you see yourself. Tell yourself that you are already as I have promised you–and trust Me to cause the beauty of My promise to transform your life. 


I will make things easy for you and I will give you special treatment. You’ll be lavished with nothing but the best and far bigger than ever. 


Test the waters of My promise and take Me at My word. I will open up bursting springs of abundance within you, and you will never be thirsty or suffer in the same way as before. 


A new chapter has already begun, and you are rising into the air as the newness that I have promised. The beauty of your promises are blooming out, like the new glorious wings of a butterfly unfolding.


There is no going back, so let go of the old story. I am doing just as you have asked–so have the courage to trust that it is true. 


As you move into the new and relinquish the fears of bare survival, I will open beauty that seems too good to be true, like opals shimmering with fire and water inside. 


No tear will be wasted for you! Like shimmering opals being formed from the hidden water under the earth absorbing silica from the soil, I will recycle the pain of what you have endured, and cause immense new beauty to become true. 


I will cause blessings to emerge from your former hurts, like groundwater that seeps into the deep cracks within the ground to form opals that flash with a fiery display of colors. 


I will ignite the love of My promise within you and cause the beauty that is secretly stored to emerge like a breathtaking opal. You will see more beauty than you have ever known–and those who see what I do will be truly captivated as well!


My love will radiate from your life and My constant abundance will be reflected out, like a glittering opal that dances with brilliant colors. I will turn everything around–it will be a night and day difference! 


You will enjoy the fulfillment of your dreams and I will cause you to experience the manifestation of My excellence and power. 


I will not disappoint you, My cherished one. You will continue to experience My kindness and friendship through every moment. I will show you such immense love and like a glorious opal, you will absorb it all! 


Celebrate in what you hope for being done and rest securely in your hopes coming true. Not only will I do as you have hoped, but I will far surpass all that I have done for you before! 


Radical new beauty is taking over all you have known, like an opal made with water but filled with fire–My love vows have overcome every hurt and fault. I will put on a dazzling display of love fulfillment for you–to give you a special time so that your heart can feel secure. 


You’ll be treated better than you ever have, as I reward your sacrifice to trust in My words. My promise will become fully tangible for you, like a spectacular opal that diffracts white light into a rainbow of iridescent colors.


Things will be better and better! The days of depression and suffering are completely over. You will thrive and flourish in effortless support, and I will cause your blessings to continue to increase and take over all that you know. 


I love you, My dear, and I am not afraid to show it. Test the waters of the new! The beauty of your dreams is coming true. Out of the blue you’ll see the first light of daybreak, as the luminous nacreous clouds fill the skies above you and your radiant new wings are openly revealed. 




Scribed by Dannette




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