Love Letters

Everything Will Be Easier Now

A love letter from the Father



Remember what I have said, you are moving forward and not back. You will always venture into better, so don’t limit what can be done now by those past things that have happened. 


Don’t worry, dear heart. I have heard your prayers and I know how desperately that you want this to come true. I will do as you are hoping, so follow Me close to the land of fulfillment. 


Let’s start fresh, with a clean slate. Forget all the undesirable things that have happened this past year and open yourself up to trust that I have given you a brand-new beginning. 


Like a marine explorer discovering new land, follow the sea of your hopes and not what you fear. You will surely reach all that I have promised and nothing that you have feared will come true. 


Following your hopes will set the direction of this path. I have given you the freedom to see your highest hopes fulfilled. So circle the desired destination on your map and start as though you have already arrived. 


Keep following your thoughts of hope, like a sailor releasing a bird at sea and following it to land. Look to the signs that I have given you to trust that it is close, like seeing birds while out to sea to know that you are near the outcome that you are wanting to be. 


Beloved, rest in My promises. I have given you My word, that I will fulfill all that you have asked. Just believe that you have it and rest in My involvement to bring it to pass. 


Don’t struggle to make it work, have faith in Me as you let go and trust. Straining to see this come to pass will only confirm any unbelief and doubt that you may have. Trust that I won’t forget to fulfill what you have asked and rest in My all-powerful presence to bring your hopes to the surface. 


Your hope in Me will not be disappointing. I will show you My intentional love, as I cause you to touch the fulfilled land that you set out to discover. So rejoice in your hopes as fulfilled and have a secure confident assurance that I will not let you down. 


Shift into auto-pilot as you rest in Me. Keep your thoughts in alignment with what you have asked, and it will cause you to move quickly towards the tangible land. 


Like salmon traveling the least resisting path through the upstream path, enter into the relief that your prayer has been done and embrace the gratitude of no longer wanting or wondering if it will come. 


It is already yours, dear one. Relax your tensions and put your guard down. You can be confident that this will happen just as you hope. Stay believing that I will cause this to be done until you see the promised land finally appear. 


Land Ho! You have already made it to the outcome that you have hoped to receive. Very soon you will bask in the beauty of this hope-fulfilled land as I comfort you with a solid and tangible prayer coming to pass.  


Kick your feet up and relax as I cause you to be pleasantly surprised with better than you hoped for! I will cause things to be even more beautiful than you imagined, and you will be so thankful that you kept on hoping. 


Expect things to flow super-smoothly! I will surprise you in unexpected ways, like seeing glittering bioluminescent bays on the smoothest sea and rainbow pods of dolphins leaping out of the water. 


Everything will be easier now, and I will cause the fulfillment to effortlessly appear. The higher ground that you seek is surprisingly close, and you will be so happy when I cause you to arrive earlier than planned!



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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