Love Letters

It’s Golden Hour

A love letter from the Father



Dear one, I will scatter the light of fulfillment over your heart desires and cause you to see the sparkling gold of everything being just as you prayed about. 


Like the “golden hour” when the sun stays low and causes everything to transform into a warm, shimmering glow—I am causing your requests to come out as tangible gold. 


Just as the golden hour places everything in a more favorable light and causes every flaw to be concealed in the beauty of a golden splendor, I will cause your troubles to suddenly change into the outcomes that you have prayed for Me to do. 


Beloved heart, since you know that I can hear you when you ask, then you know that I have approved your request. Don’t be afraid to trust and believe in Me to honor your prayers. Rather embrace this moment like capturing an unforgettable photo during the golden hour of faith made tangible. 


Letting go is the purest and most powerful act of trust, so let go of your doubts and unbelieving thoughts once and for all. As you let go of your doubt in Me to answer your prayers, then it will bring you into harmony of fulfillment. 


No longer will there be an internal battle with unbelief, nor will you remain at war with yourself for doubting My intentional love. All hopelessness will disappear, as the gold of fruition comes near. 


Let your trust be simple, like a child. Trust and believe with no guessing or doubting. Decide what you want to see happen and then conclude that is has been done. Be full of gratitude as you anticipate it to come! 


There is always a little bit of time of having your faith refined when drawing up the gold that you are expecting. So rest in Me to do what you have asked and don’t be frustrated by the timing. 


Rest in the fulfillment of your prayers as trust Me to deliver it to you, like a eucalyptus tree with super deep roots growing where precious metals are found—causing gold to grow into the leaves. 


Stay golden, My dear, and trust Me to deliver the fulfillment of your prayer request. I will surely come–not too late–and not too early. Like glittering gold falling from the stars, I will dazzle your eyes as I cause the fulfillment to arrive!


My treasured heart, I have given you a special authority and unique power to see any prayers answered! I will move at the sound of your expectancy and faith to deliver plentiful gifts of tangible faith. 


Settle into faith as you wait and be wrapped in My intentional love without any doubt. As you stay surrendered to trust and faith—whatever you desire will be done!


You will see My glimmering glory shine through to fill your heart with delight. I will let you experience the full extent of My power working through your all-abandoned heart of trust. I will cause the gold of fulfillment to rise up like ocean waves crashing to the surface. 


My beloved child, everything is working in your favor and blessing you in a multitude of ways. Trust Me to take care of everything and not forget do to this. Even though you cannot see how I move, I am causing your prayers to be materialized for you. 


Dear heart, it’s golden hour and your prayers will happen for you. My radiant glory will pass through, like the sun transforming everything with a golden hour kiss. Your prayers will turn into the glittering gold of an endless fulfillment. It will happen, My precious one, only believe it!


Your dreams will come true, just as I have given them to you! You’ll step into the landscape that you have craved, as the astounding glow of My hand is made visible for you to encounter and enjoy the golden fulfillment that you have asked for. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward


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