Love Letters

Trust where I re-plant you

A love letter from the Father



Trust where I re-plant you, My dear, as I restore your brilliance. I am giving you new memories and I will cause you to laugh again. This is the start of something wonderfully new and everything is coming into an overnight change. 


The light within you is too precious to remain hidden. Therefore, I am re-planting you like glorious pineapple, to allow the world to see and experience the sweetness of your gifts. 


My light radiating through you will illuminate the darkness and help others to find their way to My heart. I will cause the brilliance of My light within you to cover the past places and the new one that is starting now. 


Instead of waiting for better days to to come, you will be drenched in blessings far too extraordinary to even hope—or hope to know. 


Like a pineapple being re-planted, stay low to the soil by trusting that you are protected and safe where I have planted you. There is no need to panic or worry. The opposite of your fears is how it will be for you. 


Trust this journey ahead and relax into My Sovereign protection. Don’t be afraid of what others will say, when I bring you into an overnight success. I will openly and quickly defend you. 


For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and those things that I have explained to you will be made visible and understood by those I have brought you to.


Grow low like a new pineapple and I will raise you to stand tall. Let your trust be an act of worship to Me, by surrendering to unwavering faith and the absolute resistance to all doubt. 


Once you have taken root in the place where I re-plant you and the fruit starts to emerge, that is when you must learn to completely surrender all to My plans of intentional love. 


Just as the original pineapple dies away after there is fruit from the re-planting, you will need to let go of every fear and doubt as you trust Me completely, as you die to your fears. 


Letting go of every fear and negative thought will cause you to rise up into the dream life that you have been praying for. 


My dear one, let Me assure you again, those fears are not real. Nothing that you dread is going to happen. In fact, it will be just the opposite. The fears will be replaced by your hopes coming true, like a pearl that is made from the pain inside an oysters shell. 


I will be your best protection and defense. I will also level you up with the ultimate revenge. Those who attacked you and criticized you before will be fully humiliated and in remorse—as I raise you up as My own—whom I love. 


You, My darling child, are much more valuable than you think. So I am re-planting you in a place where you will be treated in the most honorable ways. You’ll be loved by so many and appreciated more than you know. 


The powerful act of trust and confidence in Me will bring you a profound transformation. I am bringing out the part of you that you have always dreamed to be, and I am making your dreams a tangible reality. 


Miracles will begin to flourish in your life as the new leaves sprout up in the center of the plant. I will expose you to a multitude of others, like moving you into the fullness of the sun. 


I will reward your openness to trust and believe, by giving you immense honor, like a pineapple with a flourishing crown upon its head. You will make a massively powerful impact on those that I cause to surround you. 


I will also honor My promises and be the support that you need. I will cause My power to flow through your needs to make you enormously wealthy. So trust where I re–plant you. Everything will change in an instant as I bring you into an overnight success story. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward




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