Love Letters

Effortless Grace from the Sound of your Faith

A love letter from the Father


Beloved one, don’t be afraid about not meeting your needs, you have found favor and grace with Me. So no longer be sad but be expectant to see the flowers of fulfillment appearing. 


Dear heart, only believe that you have received. Plant the seed of your prayers by audible faith and I will send the water to cause it to emerge effortlessly. 


The sound of your faith is moving Me, so speak by faith the outcome that you long to see. Stir up your gift of faith, My darling. Do not doubt in your heart but hold your confession of faith and believe in Me to fulfill your decrees.


Have faith in Me constantly and trust Me to honor the sound of your words. Trust in My unlimited power and have faith that I will deliver what you are expecting. 


You can have what your faith speaks, so tell yourself beautiful things! It will be done as you have believed. Your confident expectations will cause the results to be seen sooner than you think. 


My beautiful one, can you not perceive that it is already coming? Have faith My dearest darling! I have given you effortless grace to plant a seed of faith and receive a garden of your beliefs. 


All things are possible when you believe! Consider it yours and don’t look back with hesitation or doubting. Celebrate that your prayer has been achieved and celebrate in the flourishing fulfillment. 


Smell the fulfillment coming, like inhaling the sweet fragrance of new flowers blooming. Feel the moisture in the air and realize that what you are hoping for is filling the atmosphere. 


Meander through the whimsical gardens of discovery, where My intentional love and your child-like faith come together. It’s always growing and sure to delight!


I will show up with effortless grace to give you this desire and cause your expectations to be visibly seen. The tangible beauty that you seek is closer than you think! Before you even prayed, an answer was released. 



Scribed by Dannette



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