Love Letters

Everything can change at any given moment

A love letter from the Father



Beloved heart, I have given you a promise of a guaranteed outcome and I have shown you My plans, so that you could experience joy and peace in the midst of this situation. 


I have ensured that you will have all that you need for every single moment. There are many surprises that I have prepared ahead to give you the very best outcomes. 


Remind yourself of My promises, as you calm your fears and worries. Rest in what I promised to do, like a monarch butterfly following the electromagnetic field to rise about the clouds and break through the overcast of negative things. 


Be at peace, My dearest one, you always know what is coming before it arrives, because I am your Best Friend to share everything. No matter how things look at each given moment, My promise is the outcome that will be the true reality. 


My cherished child, don’t get lost in despair by how things currently seem. It is not the truth of what is really happening. I have hidden gifts of support that will be revealed to you, and they will come out as quiet surprises, to bring continuous comforts. 


Cast your needs and worries over to Me and then rest in the peace of knowing that I will take care of it all. My love will never let you down, everything will be better than you thought. Stay faithful to My promise and deny every fear and doubt. 


Allow My promises to be the thoughts that consume your mind and lay your life deep into My arms once again. Don’t be afraid, dear heart, I will never abandon you nor fail to honor My words. 


The big clouds that have been opposing you will prove to be giant blessings for you! I will cause you to heap up blessings excessively during this time, as you collect the rewards that come from the attacks from your enemies. 


Those foggy clouds that have attempted to block your support and keep blessings out will be a place of hidden wealth, like the thick clouds that rest over mountain tops where the butterfly colonies are held. 


Yes, My dear, even your enemies will bless you and the wealth of the world will be transferred into your hands! Make no doubt about it!


There are many secret places where My love support will come out. What your enemies don’t realize is that they have helped you out extremely! 


I will be your Hero to reveal them all! Like towering fir trees on a mountain top, I will give you hidden blessings, like the needles of fir trees collecting water from out of the fog. 


You will always have a forest full of support from Me and there is nothing that can ever keep you from receiving the support of My personal love. 


So don’t be worried, My beautiful one, but feel the joy of fulfillment as you celebrate that My promises will show up. Look beyond the fog that gives the illusions of lack and believe without seeing the physical proof yet in your hands. 


Push into your hopes and be a confident believer in My love to cover it all. Think about what you hope being done and forget about the suffering and bad things that have come before. 


Let your worries slip through your fingers, once and for all, because you are entering the times that you have been deeply waiting for. This is going to be more spectacular than a dream as I reveal My love through many surprises, like a forest of wealth hidden that you didn’t see. 


This is the start of something new! So no longer look backwards, but keep your eyes forward to what I have been promising. Trust that everything will work out wonderful for you. I will surprise you with good news and give you just what you need! 


New things are about to show up to cause all aspects of your life to be so much better. I will ensure that you have more than you need—and more than you can contain altogether! 


So don’t see things as they look or seem, because I may just surprise you in a hundred different ways. Something monumental is about to happen for you and everything can change at any given moment! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward





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