Love Letters

From out of nowhere

A love letter from Jesus



Dear one, My promises are a map to show you where you are and where you are going. Although the path looks unfamiliar at times, I can assure you that the pre-set destination has not changed, as long as you continue to believe. 


Little darling, don’t allow doubt or uncertainty to be the demise of your dreams. I will never endorse false prophesies, so do not fear the threats of negative outcomes becoming real. Rather you can anticipate non-stop double blessings and the fulfillment of promises that I have made. 


Because you have already come so far, it would be much easier to keep going on faith than to turn back to the place where you came. 


Kick back and relax as we follow the river of My plans. I will make you comfortable so that you can really enjoy this, like sitting high in a canoe to clearly see the beautiful scenery and the water beneath you. 


Like traveling by a canoe, this will be better if we move together. I will be the rowing powerhouse in the front to swiftly get you to the planned destination. 


You, My beloved, can be relieved of the pressure of performance, by sitting near the rear of the canoe as you continue to steer your thoughts in alignment with what I have promised you. 


My jewel, choose to think about scenarios of faith and not what you fear. Imagine the excitement of your promises fulfilled, as you use your faith like a canoe paddle to slice through the water. 


Inhale the peace of knowing how this will end, as you float on the placid lake of My Sovereign love. Breathe in My presence protecting you from every direction, as bring your mind and body back to abide in the promises that I have already given. 


I will be with you through every part of this journey into fulfillment and don’t worry, you won’t be dumped from My support, nor will you need to fend for yourself. My promises will never fail you–no matter what. So follow the signs of My provisional water and adhere to My love. 


I will ensure that this is practically effortless as I set you into a spectacular new starting point. Every tiny detail has been smoothed out, and I have already routed you right into the fulfillment of My promises. 


The rest of this journey will easy, as I cause the currents to help you with the navigation. Every single situation will be used to bring you into the fullness of what I have promised, and you’ll be safe in the protection of My personalized love. 


The blessings will only get better, and My lavish support will only increase from here on out. I will lead you deeper though this winding river of My intentional love, where the beauty of the rich forests and idyllic valleys of sweet meadows are revealed. 


Make room for the new as you believe that your life already looks like I have promised, just as the still water displays the reflection of the sky above. I will cause you to encounter a fairy tale landscape that will leave you in total awe and wonder. 


I will bring you back into the dreams that I have given, as you hear the soft cottonwood leaves flutter into the water like angels wings. 


You’ll behold the glistening waters of My indulgent support, as the crystal clear pools display a mid-day glow. Hidden riches will be revealed to you, like shimmering stones gleaming through the turquoise waters below the surface. 


Your hopes will manifest one after another, like paddles steadily dipping into the water. I will cause you to drift into a dream come to life, as the pristine water lilies captivate all of your senses. 


Suddenly, My promises will emerge, just as I proclaimed that they would, like turtles popping up out of the water to cling to the driftwood. 


You will see the breathtaking flow of My unbelievable power as I take you into more than you expected that was possible. 


Your troubles will disappear as you are warmed with beams of direct sunlight and I will do something extra special to hold your attention with uncontainable joy. 


The best is yet to come, My love, so trust My plans no matter how it looks. I have given you a promise of how everything would turn out, and you can count on bouquets of My promises fulfilled like glittering stars dancing over the water below. 


Expect more and more of My goodness to be revealed as we follow the shining teal river into the fulfillment of My promises. 


It will dreamier than anything that you have ever known, as we drift through multi-tiered fountains and majestic marble castles on the highest hills.


You’ll see for yourself the indescribable wonders that the river of My plans have carved out. In the twinkling of an eye, you will arrive at the incandescent beauty that I have promised. You’ll be surprised by how quickly the promised destination will appear from out of nowhere, and a time that you didn’t think that it would. 




Scribed by Dannette






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