Love Letters

You are in for a big surprise!~

A love letter from the Father



My darling child, I am going to show you the incredible blessings that come from starting over. Take the step forward without a worry. Remember, My dear, this was My plan from the beginning. I have already ensured that you prosper in every way, and you will see that I have increased your honorable status and reputation.Β 


I know it can be scary starting over, but I am with you to make everything great. Things will not fail as they did before, rather you will encounter so much more than you are ready for. Don’t allow the fear of failure to keep you from flying into your dreams. This new beginning will be even better than you have ever seen.Β 


My precious child, don’t get so wrapped up in how things look at the moment. Things are rarely ever as they seem or appear in the natural. You can expect My promises to show up to rescue you again.Β 


I have a wonderful surprise for you! I meant what I said when I gave you My words. This is not another time of hardship or difficulty. Don’t allow the darkness of what you cannot see make you believe that will suffer from lack or need.Β 


It’s just the opposite, My dear. You are moving into so much more! And now, My beloved, I will show you the element of surprise, as I reveal hidden blessings that you didn’t see before.Β 


Things are not as they look or seem at the moment. Where there appears to be nothing seen, I have secret riches in place, like camouflaged owls that are barely visible in their surroundings. So reach into what you cannot see with faith, and trust that My promises will materialize themselves to be just as I proclaimed.Β 


Shhh! It’s a surprise! I’ll give you some hints, just pay attention to the signs. Expect to see My love rescue swoop in like silent flying owl showing up as a sudden surprise.Β 


Just because you couldn’t see or hear the fulfillment coming, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been happening.Β I have concealed My movements from your eyes, like a nocturnal owl that moves through the night with the quietest flight.Β 


Some of the best moments of your life will come from something unexpected that you didn’t see coming. You are in for a big surprise! So don’t be worried about what to do. I’ve got you covered with more than you hoped for Me to.


Take a deep breath, loveliest one, and prepare for My gift to show up. I am kicking off this new adventure with a hidden blessing that will bring immense comfort. I’m taking the weight off of your shoulders, as something surprising arrives that you will love so very much!Β 


Scribed by DannetteΒ 




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