Love Letters

You are being revived

A love letter from Jesus


Relax, lovely heart, it’s going to be okay. Just rest in My promise and trust Me to be your ever-present rescue. I know what you need and I will deliver the tangible resources. 


I will not abandon you in this time of great need or leave you without the support that I have promised. I will never forget you or let you down. Rather, you will be filled with more than enough from My extra-generous provisions. 


There are no enemy charges that can come against you and there is nothing that can stop My love promise from reaching you. My love for you is stronger than anything else. Take refuge in what I have promised you–as a vow that extends deep into My heart. 


My dear, nothing bad can get close to you and no troubles can get through the door. I will hold onto you and protect you with the Salvation of My life. 


Your enemies will be put to shame, because My love for you is more powerful than any other force and nothing can prevent My promise from materializing to help you. 


It’s that simple…no voice against will you successfully prosecute you and anyone who speaks against you will be publicly proved as a liar. I will vindicate you and I will be your personal love rescue. 


The opposite of your fears is a promise! So let go of the past problems as I help you turn over a new leaf with the fulfillment of My promise. I will cause waters of the sweetest love to flow into the desert, like Kalahari watermelons that are a hidden source of wealth in the harsh South African desert.


Plan to see a spectacular outcome as I load you up with a radical love harvest from My promises. I will never stop loving you and My vows will never fail to produce the outcomes that you are hoping for Me to fulfill. 


Expect only the best, as more and more promises from My love quickly manifest. Rely and recline upon Me and you will never be disappointed in your expectations. 


Not only will you survive the drought like the Kalahari melon, but you will flourish and prosper in ways that will cause you to become a phenomenal success story. 


Refuse to sow seeds of doubt that could devour your prosperous harvest by thinking worrisome thoughts. Saturate your thoughts in what I have promised and concentrate on My love and devotion showing up. 


I will quench your thirst with the sweetest delights as you embark into a journey of continuous fulfillment. It will be a complete contrast with the desert-like surroundings, as miracles emerge from out of nowhere. 


Hidden riches will soon appear, like abundant watermelons filling up the fruiting vine. I will cause you to rise above the dunes of a parched landscape as I lift you into a pleasant oasis of indulgent comfort. 


I will give you transformational miracles for this time, like “miracle watermelons” of the Kalahari Desert. Just as the enormous fruit is 97% water found in the harshest environment, I will cause miracle support to show up in this place that seems impossible to survive. 


You’ll see the lavish rewards that come from trusting in My love, like Kalahari melons that grow with force and take over the fields and vineyards. 


This desert-like season is coming to life with a paradise of nourishment and restorative vigor. You’ll taste the candied jewels of My saving love, and you’ll know without a doubt that I would never fail you or leave you without. 


You are being revived with the sweetness of your hopes coming true, as a labyrinth of monochromatic hues transform the barren ground into a euphoria of a bountiful harvest. 


An ocean of abundance will flood the dryness of the desert, and you’ll swiftly be relieved from all of your burdens and hardships. 


I’ll drown your oppositions out with a flood of My tangible love, and you’ll see My generosity in action, as blessings fill up like a turquoise sea and I adorn you in My promised fulfillment of unstoppable Sovereign wealth. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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