Love Letters

Kiss your blues goodbye

A love letter from the Father


Relax, My very precious child, I’m here for you. Like bioluminescent  phytoplankton glowing like stars when disturbed, I am causing the pressure that you have felt to become a birthing ground of magnificent beauty. 


Don’t worry, My beloved heart! You will not suffer as before, and you will not go without. Things are looking up! Even though it seems like the struggle will go on forever, an oasis has appeared on the horizon. 


There’s a lot more than meets the eye to bless you through this time. Look closer…even closer. A whole new world of tangible abundance is being revealed like an illuminated sea of shimming stars that light up the darkness. 


Just as bioluminescent phytoplankton generate glowing blue light when stressed, the pressing of your faith has brought out the best beauty yet! 


Like sound traveling for miles deep inside the ocean, be listening for the sound of My hidden support starting to pour out. What starts as a trickle will quickly become a flood of tangible hopes–-this is a time when everything starts to change for the good! 


It will be so very special, as I cause My love vows to materialize for you like a brilliant blue glowing ocean! The shimmering light of My intentional love is piercing the darkness to expose treasure troves of secret wealth that was hidden as surprise blessing. 


The transformation taking place will be like a fairy tale vision that leaves you amazed. The disturbance that you have felt has worked to bless you with better than you have ever had. 


The prayers that you have made are already opening into fulfillment like seagrass flowers blooming in the bottom of a lagoon. 


Against the incredible odds, you are moving swiftly into being an overnight success. I’m giving you overflowing grace to start over, as if there were no hardships or past pain for you.


I am lifting you up into an abrupt elevation, like a glowing moon jellyfish that creates a high pressure vortex of water to cause it to blast off through the water. 


Sometimes surprises come in unexpected ways, so be prepared for anything wonderful to happen all of a sudden! 


Prepare for the unveiling of another fantastic surprise, as I captive you like a stunning bioluminescent sea of stars.


As I cause this to happen, it will be a wondrous sight! It will seem as through you have crossed over into another dimension of space and time. 


Like water sparkles lighting up blue when touched by waves, be anticipating breaking news to suddenly take place. 


You will be awestruck by the stunning beauty that comes to the surface, as the landscape before you instantly transforms into a sea of shimmering stars. 


Something miraculously uncommon is happening as I sweep you up into more favor than you’ve ever seen before. The wonder of this new way of life will never ever end or reverse to what you have known before. 


You are finally going to touch your dreams–and they are bigger than the sea! They’ll be glowing like a glittering ocean of stars! Everywhere you look…. My promises are unfolding to deliver you an unparalleled mass level of blessings! 


My dearest darling, kiss your blues away because everything is changing in a much desired way. Where there were restrictions before–you’ll enjoy more than you can dream of–and more. 



Scribed by Dannette



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