Love Letters

Now, Stand Tall

A love letter from Jesus



You no longer leaped the way that you did, with no more desire to move, beyond an anguishing long period of mistreatment and abuse. It was unbearable to keep moving with hope from the exhaustive fatigue of having to stay strong after enduring trials that went on and on. 


It was unfair far too much. From the accusers always digging up dirt from the past, when all you wanted to do was forget the pain and start a new life again. And there were the dark shadows that lingered like smoke, of the seemingly endless troubles and warfare all around. 


Without hope to ever be seen again, after the long endurance of undeserved criticism. With despair and doubt that it will ever be ending, you took a deep breath and accepted the song’s ending. 


Yet, My dear one, this is not how it ends for you. The dance is not over, rather it is changing into something brand new! The promises that I made to you are coming into the center stage of My glory. 


This moment is a transition into the next, like a plié that moves into a relevé rise. You need not stop here, My darling one, because a plié without motion becomes dead weight that is hard to hold by yourself. The momentum of following this journey is taking you to places that you wouldn’t even believe if I were to tell you. 


The past afflictions that you have endured, have helped make you stronger and created the magnificent dancer of My love songs that you are. In order to go up, you had to go down low first. 


However, now is the time that you rise back up, so that I can adorn you with the spectacular beauty that I have promised. Beloved, don’t stop moving now, but rise over all the harshness that you have been though. Be the breathtaking person that I said that you are. 


Things are changing now, My treasured heart. Can you feel the hope warming your heart like a morning daybreak? Don’t ever give up again, My dear. You have nothing to fear. 


I am pulling you out of your comfort zone to help you stretch out into the honor of your promise and stretch out some more until the dance of your destiny is all you can imagine doing.


Embrace the change that is taking place and don’t allow anyone to make you feel anything less than cherished, honored, and called. Remember that I have covered all of your wrongs–the past, present, and future. 


I have called you to this moment and I will be holding you through it. I know very well what it is like to descend in order to rise. 


Now, stand tall, My bride and dance from your heart. Be full of passion, and don’t allow yourself to succumb to fearful thoughts. 


Be confident in what I have chosen you to do, as I cause you to rapidly rise to do what you never you could do. I have pulled you out of the pit and pulled you over those who slandered your name. 


You truly believed in all that I have promised, and now everything will change as I wrap you in blessings too wonderful to tell about. 


I am bringing you out into an open and exposed place, where you can no longer hide the beauty that you are. You cannot hide from the stage any longer. Soon all will see that I have chosen you for respect and honor. 


I am giving you a new level of honorable status, like receiving a precious gift of pink satiny ballet slippers, wrapped in tissue. 


So tell yourself that you can do this and move into the front where what I have placed you. Don’t ever take off your destined shoes again, but own this place of being My beloved and elect. 


Put the crown back on your head and stretch up onto your toes as you spin into the dance that you have been called to do. Twirl around to the songs of My heart for you, and lose yourself in the love that we have for each other. 


It will be clear as day that you are called by My name, as I give you a swift rise to stardom surrounded by grace and protection. Relevé, My cherished one, and rise up again! This time it will be so much better! 


Scribed by Dannette




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