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Perfectly Put Together


I have to admit that my favorite part about doing the personal love letters is the treasure hunting. When I sit down to pray about a new letter, God will give me a symbol that He wants me to research. 


The research is my favorite part because that is the most exciting part of the treasure hunting. It’s like finding what puzzle pieces God wants me to put together. I get to be a kid again as I follow Holy Spirit through this wonderland of treasure hunting and completing a puzzle.


I always did love kindergarten the most out of my school days, haha! God always amazes me, too. God will sometimes give me the same symbol several times, but it means something different for each person, like a multi-faceted diamond. 


Sometimes they can be quite unusual. For instance, there was one time God showed me a pink flamingo and I naturally assumed it would be a “beauty from the inside out” kind of theme and “you are what you eat”. 


However, it wasn’t. Instead, God led me to learn about the history behind the plastic pink flamingos that were lawn ornaments. When they first came out, people became obsessed. 


Out of nowhere, there were pink plastic flamingos in everyone’s lawn. But then the plastic flamingo was attacked and people started to mock the invention and see it as a joke.


It appeared as all honor and beauty was forever lost for the plastic flamingos… And it looked to be the end. Yet it wasn’t! Later, there was a stirring of nostalgia that hit the world, and people began buying the plastic flamingos again as a trend. 


Having a plastic pink flamingo became as cool as putting up photos and coloring books of Bob Ross (whom I actually adore! Lol). The plastic flamingos even received the great honor of being placed in some of the most reputable museums as a continuous legacy for the nostalgia of that era. I love when the underdog gets blessed! 


God’s message for this individual was that they would have a major bounce back and God would raise them back up into honor and the losses would flourish back to life like a plant being submerged in water. 


It was not at all what I expected and when the pieces started to come together, I was floored! 


Doing these letters is like going to school for me, and God shows me so much. I am a big lover of nature and finding treasures—so doing this is something that I truly love. 


God uses the simplest things to show the most majestic revelations, and I love that so much. 


One thing that I have had to surrender is my desire to do them fast. Because I am not the one putting these prophetic puzzles together, I have to surrender to God’s timing. 


Sometimes He causes them to pour out so fast that I can barely keep up with writing. Other times it takes many days to finish, like cooking a slow meal in a crock pot. 


You just never know what God will use to express this prophetic picture that He has for each person. I have seen God do some traditional symbols, like wild horses and stars–to unique and interesting things like the avocado story that I shared on this post:


God created it all–so why wouldn’t He sneak in some treasures of natural beauty and wisdom? I love that God walks with us through everything and always prepares us for what will come…if we will pay attention. 


Thanks for reading today! I am so extremely excited to see what new puzzle pieces God perfectly puts together for those who receive their personal prophetic love letters! 


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I love you! 



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