Faith Stories

Fountains of Fulfillment in the City


The greatest blessings always seem to follow the hardest tests of faith. When God told me to create the Hope Repose course, it was just before a time when I would need it desperately. 


Last summer, God challenged my faith by taking me outside my comfort zone…way outside of it lol! He took us to stay in a big city and when He told me that we were going there, I had no way to pay for any of it. 


What I did have was a promise from God to supply our every need and HOPE. I will also say that alongside my hope was a whole lot of fear about going someplace so big with only a vow from Jesus to not let us fall. 


Like sand creating a pearl, the fear that I had about going to that city with no way to pay for anything was irritating my mind with so many “what if’s” of terrible things that could go wrong. 


It was during that time that God taught me the process of pressing my hopes against those fears and making my hopes become the tangible substance that I would need to survive. 


As God walked me through what to do and how to banish all doubt that would rob me of seeing my hopes come true, I recorded the process. 


That was how the Hope Repose was born. Before we left, I went through the process myself and I pushed back against those fears with my hopes in the way that God showed me to do. 


Just after going through that process, God surprised me by covering us to stay in a luxury apartment home in downtown Detroit. It was in a building that was so gorgeous and there was even a “Diamond Club” at the top of the building. 



During that time, God miraculously paid for a rental car to get there, all of our meals and groceries were covered, and He sent me to enough to buy a car to get home. 


As if that wasn’t enough, the best thing happened, None of my fears came true and ALL of my hopes were fulfilled. 


At the end of the stay, God surprised me again and covered an entire month stay in another indulgent apartment in a new city that we have always known and loved.


It was the surprise of a lifetime because I was so terrified to go and then God made it the best experience I could have imagined. I seriously pleaded with God not to take us there because it was uncomfortable to step through those terrifying fears of the unknown. 


However, God used those same fears as conduit for my hopes to materialize before my eyes. Now, God is getting ready to take us some place way outside my comfort zone again and this time it is in a city that is even BIGGER~. 


Needless to say, I am jumping back into doing the Hope Repose myself, in order to prepare. Just as before, I have no clue how God plans to take us someplace so big and keep His vows to be our ever-present support. 


However, my hopes are bigger than the sky right now, and I am trusting that God won’t disappoint, because He never has. 


In honor of what God has done for us during such a terrifying time of being totally uncomfortable while from facing my fears, I am inviting you to join me in doing the Hope Repose. 


I am offering a 4-day sale where you can obtain the life-changing program for only $5! 


It is a simple and very enjoyable series of audio recordings that comes with a bonus activation track that will help you to touch your hopes like a star and bring back to where you are as a tangible outcome. 


I am praying that you will see so many hopes come to the surface from this course that it will catapult you into a season of your seeing your greatest blessings come to pass. 


I love you and I truly appreciate you in every way! 





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