Love Letters

Over your head

A love letter from the Father


Do not fear, My beautiful darling. You can trust Me completely to be lavishly kind. Like the ebb and flow of falling and rising waves, the difficult times have only prepared you for a magnificent rise. 


Look to My promise and not the troubles that you have been enduring. Embrace the change that is coming, as you lift your hopes back up with confident expectations to rise again. 


Even if there was no other way to survive, My promise of love support is like the endless tide that never ends. I will show up as the Hero that you need, and I will lift you back up to the place of your dreams. 


Your faith is like the unseen movement of the wind that stirs up the wave. What you believe will change everything. Be brave enough to trust Me and change your mind in accordance with what I have proclaimed. 


My dear heart, now is not the time to look back at low times of suffering. Clear out the noise of all doubts and unbelieving as I carry you into elaborate comfort. 


You need to move forward, beloved, as you believe that you have the abundance that I have promised. Let the sorrows of the past go and strip away the negative thoughts attached to living through the drought of lack and needing. 


I am giving you a much desired wave break of water, as I cause the provisions of My support to take you higher. This will be a beautiful and awe-inspiring moment as you encounter a new dimension of indulgent support and rich comfort.


Surrender deep into confidence and faith in My ever-present help, like feeling the unbelievable connection to the power of the ocean. 


Find the thrill of riding the waves of My endless surprises, as you anticipate for the fulfillment to show up and carry you into the next level of prosperous experiences. 


Let yourself enjoy this new life of success as you live passionately without worry. I will surely exceed your expectations and deliver so much more than you can think of receiving. 


I am shutting down every critical word spoken against you and I will show up to be the One who honorably defends you. 


I’ll stop the accusations and strong resistance that have been facing. I’ll sink your enemies to the bottom most depths of the sea floor so rapidly–and every trace of opposition will vanish into oblivion. 


I’ll take you as high as you hope, so don’t lose faith in Me. I’d do anything for you, My cherished treasure. You can have anything and everything that you can dream! 


A window of new possibilities is opening to you! Inhale the fragrant aromas of promises being fulfilled. What I am about to do in your life will take your breath away! 


I’ll cause you to reap the treasures of the sea, as I stockpile you with shimmering shells filled with rare pearls. You’ll be adorned with the finest bounty there is, as I beautify this moment with glittering turquoise and aquamarine gems. 


Like a gargantuan rogue wave rising up to the clouds–I’ll show up seemingly out of nowhere. You’ll feel the infinite strength of My Sovereign support, as I load you up with a momentum of blessings that you need to keep increasing! 


Your dreams are coming to life as I do something so extraordinary–it will be beyond words. I’ll surprise you with a massive wave of blessings and the waves will just keep coming–it will be unending!


I am coming to your rescue, and I’ll show you who I am for you! You’ll get a taste of more freedom than you ever knew, as all the shimmering blues come to bless you as the unrestricted ocean moves. 


I’ll swiftly raise you heights that are far more plentiful than anything that you have ever had before–as a Tsunami of uncountable blessings rise up and pour out over your head. 



Scribed by Dannette

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