Love Letters

Fast Forward

A love letter from the Father


It’s all changing now, My precious one. Everything is turning around, and I will show you so much support, and love, that it will be like you are floating on a cloud! 


Let’s begin again as I fill your experience with tangible promise. I will take you into the most indulgent setting. I will give you time to decompress from the past struggles and show you how appreciated you are. 


Change is on the horizon for you, My loveliest child. I am lifting you up into a remarkable new view that will transform your life in the dreamiest way. 


Just relax into My plans and let’s start this new journey of avian wonders. I am illuminating the way to move forward, and I will send the provisions that you will need to get started. 


It will be better than you could imagine, and this time will make you fall even more in love with the future that I have promised. Expect to receive endless comforts as I begin to move things much faster. 


Have no worries and be fearless with faith. You can count on Me to protect you and conceal you from your enemies. Like the waterproof feathers of an elegant swan, I will guard you from the elements so that you can embrace the movement of this love story. 


You’ve never felt more free than in this time that you are about to encounter, as I bend down to honor you and lift back into rich comforts. 


You’ll continue to rise with more and more blessings and grace, like a swan effortlessly cruising upon the air currents with ease. 


So sit back, relax, and enjoy the immense display of My personal love. This moment will be so magnificent, I’ll need to dedicate a whole book to it! 


I will raise you up among the great and highlight your name, to give you a royal new title that represents how much you mean to Me. 


You’ll stand apart from the rest, as if you were wearing a gleaming white dress, and it will be simply impossible to deny your natural beauty. 


I am shifting you into a fast forward, with a little bit of Heavenly help. You suddenly see a dramatic increase, like a swan soaring like a fighter jet and faster than a speeding race car. 


I will empower you with My Sovereign lift and cause you to rise up with power in your wings. Hold on tight, because you are about to take off into a breathtaking acceleration! 


You’ll see instant success from the strong help of My intentional love, and it will leave a trail of awe and wonder in your wake. My beloved, you truly haven’t seen anything like this yet! A fast forward is coming quick. 



Scribed by Dannette


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