Love Letters

Prepare for Lift-Off

A love letter from the Father


My lovely child, don’t lose sight of what I have promised. After all I have done for you already, do you really believe that I would abandon you or leave you with nothing? 


I have been showing you My plans, so that you could rest in My Sovereign power to rescue you from every threatening circumstance and onslaught of attack. 


Don’t lose your way now or allow doubts to creep in. Stay centered in faith as you trust My loyalty to help you. Focus on the truth of My promise and throw out every fear and worry that only speaks lies. 


Let Me help you, beautiful one. Try not to stress, it’s not good for you. Share your burdens with Me and let Me carry your needs for you. Stay at rest in My love to support you, like a rocket on a launch pad waiting for a sudden lift-off. 


I will make everything better now, My dearest darling. In a sudden moment, everything will be changed. Let your worries drift away and rest in Me as though you were relaxing upon a cloud. Exhale your fear and settle into confident trust in Me again. 


This is the moment of truth, where I reveal the magnificence of My blessing. I will cause My power to thrust you upwards as My love proves to be more powerful than the resistance of warfare from your enemy attempting to pull you down like gravity. 


The unbalanced force of unjustified attacks will be the very power that launches you into life-changing new heights. I will show up like a Hero to deliver your needs–-faster than a speeding plane–and more powerful than a rocket blasting into space. 


Not only will you suddenly rise over every attack, but you will continue to increase speed as My blessings emerge as endless gifts that keep accumulating.  


I am raising you up and there will be no stopping it. The forces that resisted you will be utterly ashamed and the attacks that were sent towards you will be returned upon the sender instead. 


Get ready to live your best life. You will suddenly rise as I launch you into phenomenal new heights. You’ll be lifted higher and higher as My love enforces your promised blessings. Prepare for lift off! This will be a time that changes everything! 



Scribed by Dannette


♡Love Offering

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