Love Letters

This is the start of your incredible rise

A love letter from the Father


My dear, dear child! I love you so much! Don’t even worry about the deadline to come, I will in no way disappoint you or hurt you. You can rest assured that I will do the very best for you! 


Trust Me to answer your prayers and take compassion on your situation. I will truly come through again and make you feel so much joy and comfort. 


Keep trusting in My promise, regardless of how tired you may feel. Don’t panic, lovely one, the light of My rescue will come through to help you again. 


I will truly take care of everything you need–you better believe–My generosity far exceeds even yours! Think that only your hopes will come true and meditate on the very best outcomes. 


 I will surely give you something wonderful to celebrate, and I will alleviate your pain with the loyalty of My comforting love. 


My dear, it’s time to trust Me in deeper way as I move you out of your comfortable space. Take the risk of being seen and have confidence in who I am for you. Choose to believe this time will be as you love and not as you fear. 


Rest in My validation and approval of you. I have wrapped you in My favor and given you a new platform for honor and support. Own who you are with no remorse and be unashamed of My calling on you. 


Shed away who you no longer are and count on Me to give you a favorable impression as I expose your voice. Just relax, My cherished heart, and don’t worry about what you will say or how it will sound. 


I will put the right words in your mouth and I will elevate your spirit to inspire others with your breathtaking humility and unbelievable talents. 


You are about to soar up amazing new heights, as I give you the full exposure of a rapid rise. Your life will forever be transformed, as I elevate you over quartzite cliffs and steep mountain tops. 


I will accentuate your beauty by revealing your lovely transparency. Your yielded heart to honor My love will cause you to be conduit of My everlasting power. 


I’ll swiftly carry you over massive karst monolith formations and lush tropical vegetation.You’ll be in awe by the cinematic views as I place you upon floating mountain peaks and whisk you up beyond the treetops. 


It will be dramatically different as I take you from the forest floor up to above the clouds. You are rising so much higher than you’ve ever been as I reveal wonderful panoramic views of outstanding beauty. 


I will take you up in the most honorable way, like moving super fast in an outdoor elevator. You’ll suddenly be increased greatly, and you will see how everything resulted in added blessings for you! 


My wonders will cause you to rise to exceedingly great heights, and you’ll keep rising as you share your stories. 


This is the start of your incredible rise. You’ll instantly be transported from the ground to the sky as I verify your testimony, and honor your calling. Even higher is coming as I raise you up with the elevator of My intentional love. The best is just getting started…



Scribed by Dannette

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