Love Letters

A happy ending will happen for you

A love letter from the Father


My dearest darling, this journey is all about love. Don’t worry about bad outcomes happening for you and don’t allow yourself to agree with unwanted thoughts. I have given you the freedom to choose a life that you will love. 


Let’s transform your situation by planting optimistic thoughts of faith. Your thoughts are a movement of faith—like eggplants that can change to taste exactly like the flavors that surround it. Put your faith in what you will love to be done and not what you would fear or dread to come. 


Whatever you will plant by faith–you will reap a bountiful harvest. In order to reap success, you must plant seeds of success by what you think about. As a man thinks, he is! 


Dear heart, there are limitless possibilities to what can become–you are no longer restricted by anything else. You have the freedom to rise as high as your faith, so make your thoughts big and expect something great! 


Reconnect with the future that you have dreamed to have and plant a harvest that you will love! Change and transform your situation. I can assure you that your troubles will reverse themselves, as you dwell on hope-filled outcomes.


Refuse to think worries, fears, or of negative things. I promise to give you the opposite of your fears–so choose to dwell in love-filled thoughts and not the bad or unwanted. Plant thoughts of positive outcomes and absorb the beautiful outcomes that My love brings.


Remain centered in loving thoughts and feelings. Even though the effects may not be visible yet, you will see everything unfold to be just as you have planted. Stay in a place of love-filled thinking and allow no fears to linger in your mind.  It will flower like a star and deliver the fruit that you have been thinking about. 


Be joyful as you believe and trust. Dwell in a place of love until your life has absorbed the outcomes that flow from love a centered mindset. You will see a change in your situation as you expect to experience outcomes that you would love, and not the dreadful things. 


Like an eggplant soaking up oil like a sponge, absorb the sweetness of My tangible love. I will answer your prayers–just as you prayed them–and meet your hopeful expectations of confident faith. 


I will show up early, just as you have hoped. Like an Early Riser eggplant, the materialized leaves will shoot up early with vigorous growth. I will outdo more than you can think–to give you beauty fit for royalty! 


Wonderful things will start to arrive, like a Black beauty eggplant that is generously plump with shiny deep purple skin on the outside. Goodness will keep sprouting up as I do even more than you hoped that I would! 


A happy ending will happen for you, like a Fairy Tale eggplant of the richest heirloom. It will be a true delight when you see it arrive–and there will be no bitterness whatsoever inside. 



Scribed by Dannette



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