Love Letters

I am putting the best right in front of you

A love letter from the Father


Close your eyes and let this time be like a dance made just for Me. This is the start of everything! Now is the time for a brand-new story. Follow the dream that I have placed in your heart, and don’t let the critics stand in your way. 


My beloved treasure, although you may be hesitant about putting yourself out in the open, I have already ensured and guaranteed your magnificent success. 


When you feel overwhelmed, just move deeper into resting in My love. Lose your insecurities and relax as I carry you over the waves, My darling child. Cut off every negative and fearful thought–once and for all. 


Have faith, My lovely one, and trust where I take you. Be unafraid to cross over your comfort zone. I am not going to let anything happen to you–I’ve got you! Don’t underestimate My path and calling for you. 


Breathe and just the flow as you surrender into the rise. I will be right there to carry along and protect you with My Sovereign power. Nothing can hurt you, so just rest and enjoy this. Keep your chin up and trust that I have your back. 


Be confident, My darling. You have been chosen! You are adorned with My promises! The beauty of My fulfillment has introduced you as My own. I am giving you the credit that you have earned from your walk of faith. 


I would not lift you into this place if you were not ready for it all. The world will be your oyster as I reveal you as My beloved pearl. Embrace the beauty of who you are and how much I love you! 


Don’t be afraid, beautiful heart. There won’t be the sorrows of yesterday. Everything is bright, shiny, and new today! I have transformed your hurts into glittering diamonds and your discomforts are emerging as luminous pearls. 


I am putting the best right in front of you, and it will feel like moving into the castle of your dreams. It will be a romantic fairy tale come true! Because you have waited for so long–you’ll be lavished with more beauty than you have ever hoped or believed could be. 


Dear heart, things will take an unexpected turn to make your heart skip a beat–I’ll even add in a much desried surprise that will be the icing on the cake! 


Scribed by Dannette



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