Love Letters

Quick Release

A love letter from the Father



In this time that seems like the night, when you cannot see how far away things are or when your promise will arrive, there is so much more happening than meets the eye. 


Although the birds are silently asleep in their nests, and the gold of the horizon appears to be covered by the night’s darkness. My dear, don’t count your hopes out just yet because something truly beautiful and unexpected is coming out into the open. 


Beloved treasure, beneath the glittering stars, your dreams are still moving. The roots of your prayers have been reaching deep to bring new beauty into your life.


Beloved heart, don’t panic over what little time there seems to be left, your hopes are blooming quickly, and the answer to your prayers is emerging very fast. 


What I have promised has not vanished nor been forgotten. Like a seed tucked deep in the soil, the flourishing outcome will sprout up very soon to be your rescue. 


Have faith, My radiant one. Everything will change in a sudden moment, even though it appears as though nothing is being done. 


Keep going, keep hoping…the roots are growing up fast. Get excited about My promise showing up as you receive the joy filled outcome by faith and acceptance. 


Reach deep into trust in Me and I will cause the flowering plants to come out into fullness for you to behold them. I am bringing a special wonder into your life, like flowers that bloom in the dark, under the moonlit glow of the sky. 


I will fulfill My visions for you, like flowers coming out of the surface of the earth. You’ll watch the unfolding of the petals, as you see your hopes become real and tangible. Bud after bud will suddenly open up as you are soothed by My comforting love. 


My child, the secret that I have told you will return to announce itself–like a night blooming flower glowing under the moonlight. 


You’ll enjoy immense sweetness of outcomes that you love being fulfilled, like inhaling the intoxicating aromas of the chocolate blossoms that bloom in the darkness. 


I will fill you with the glee of a child, as you are introduced to the candy scented night phloxes blossoming in the garden. You’ll see a true glimpse of My glory as My word is fulfilled right in front of you, like seeing the evening primrose peel back its golden petals. 


I will deliver the rich comfort that you crave, as the heavy bud becomes a flower for you to cherish and love. You’ll awaken to the gladness of your hopes coming true, and you’ll be captivated by how quickly it all happens for you! 


Like night-blooming jasmine that grows exceedingly fast to fill the atmosphere with a heavenly fragrance, I will transform your world in a matter of seconds. 


You’ll entertain the sheer bliss of My gifts for you, as you sit and watch the evening primrose bloom. The flower of My surprise will open right before your eyes! You’ll see how everything opens before you–and it will be just like a dream coming true. 


I will sweep your worries away, as the moon flowers fill the air with hints of vanilla and a tropical getaway. The heavy bells of nocturnal blossoms will ease away your pain, as I suddenly fulfill things to be exactly as you have prayed. 


You will see a miracle happen in your life, like watching the vivid poetry of a night blooming garden.  Look to Me to deliver a floral surprise of sudden fulfillment.


I am sending a quick release of My flourishing promise. It will happen exceedingly fast–so fast that it will still surprise you–even though you are expecting the arrival! 



Scribed by Dannette



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