Love Letters

Floating on Air

A love letter from Jesus



My dear, you are shedding away the old troubles and struggles, to embark on a new journey of becoming your dream fulfilled. 


Like a dragonfly that begins its life in the water and then transforms with iridescent glittering wings to fly in the most impossible ways, everything that you have known is coming into a very dramatic change. 


A new beginning is being suddenly revealed, like a shimmering dragonfly that emerges from a life in the water to one in the air. 


My treasure, as you wait for the winds to move to lift you into the new, and the waters to stir with what I have promised to do, take a moment to unload your heavy burdens and daunting fears. 


Depend on Me to protect what I have promised you, beloved one. Remember, dear heart, the opposite of your fears is a promise. Thinking about those fears happening, only brings doubts and insecurities. Clear your mind of all of your worries, as you cast the weight of your troubles to me. 


My dear, have no fear. I won’t allow you to be embarrassed or humiliated. Trust Me to cause everything to turn out right and to conceal you in the way that you need. I am able to do anything–so have no worries or hesitations. I will be all that you can believe. 


Do not allow fears to disturb you, loveliest one. I will be the wind beneath your wings to ensure that you have this victory. Let your confidence in Me be the power that sweeps your doubts away. 


Darling, according to your faith, it will be done for you. I will cause everything to come in the very best way, like a breathtaking dragonfly with pearlescent wings that glistens in the starlit night. 


Find the calm solace of My promise, as you dwell in peace like inhaling the sweet ambience of still and quiet pond. Keep believing in the success of My promise, and rest as though it is already been done. 


As a dragonfly that moves with elegance and grace, only meditate on your hopes taking place. The beauty of your hopes will fully materialize, like the shimmering sheer wings of a magnificent dragonfly. 


Let your faith-filled thinking lift you up like a dragonfly’s wings moving up and down to rise up into the night. Your faith has more force than any fear, so only think faith-filled thoughts as you move with the aerodynamic precision of a stealth-like dragonfly. 


Deliberately oppose your fears by imagining the opposite being done. Enter the wonder of your dreams taking place, as you activate your imagination by faith. Sweep your wings against the windy sky, and allow your hopeful expectations to propel you even more. 


See the outcome that you desire coming true, as you open yourself up to child-like dreaming. Wander within the dream that I have given, as you trace the glittering light of the moon that covers over the tranquil waters with your fingertips. 


My beautiful and shining one, keep believing that I am delivering great things to you. Give a full commitment to choose love and faith—as you trust in My timing. 


Shift your focus off the affliction of your present and past—and move into the future of your most treasured longings. Embrace the new direction that your life is about to take, and let go of the things that you do not want.


I will lift you over every worry and give you the clairvoyant views from high above. You’ll get the outcomes that you will love so much, as I adorn you with immense beauty, like dragonfly’s wings glistening under the shimmering stars. 


Beloved, trust Me to deliver this for you! I will cause your hopes to swiftly come true, as I bring you the desired outcome like a dragonfly that skillfully judges its speed and trajectory to intercept the target. 


I am opening up something wonderful to help, as I take you into a life that you will love with a fresh start. You’ll be floating on air as I introduce new joy to your life, and you’ll enter your dreams, like a transformed dragonfly with diamond wings. 


You will see the miraculous transformation of your prayers coming to pass, like a visionary beholding the materialized reflection of majestic translucent wings on the rippling turquoise water. 


Be ready for a big surprise, as I cause My gift to emerge like dragonfly instantly appearing like a darting helicopter in the pale blue sky. Suddenly it will be unveiled right before you, like a dragonfly with brilliant emerald eyes. 


Now, My dear, watch what I do for you! I am giving you the boost that you need to keep going. I will bring the relief that you have prayed for. Instead of being weighed down with troubles, you’ll be floating on air with fulfilled prayers coming to the rescue! 




Scribed by Dannette



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