Love Letters

The long build-up has led up to this moment

A love letter from the Father



My dearest darling, allow My love to open your heart, as I roll out the red carpet. I will certainly give you a good ending–and what you have desired will surely be happening. 


Be enriched in My all-present love, as you become as the loveliest rose soaking up energy from the sun. Take some time to inhale the fragrances of My life changing promises–because once things start blooming–they’ll be blooming endlessly.


Put a smile on your face as you anticipate this unforgettable moment. I will cause your dreams to open up and the doors to fly off the hinges. Oh, this time will transform into something truly lovable! 


Resist whatever fears may come, that pass like rosette disease scattered by the wind. The invasive torments of fear and doubt, are a like a rose damaging virus that causes painful thorns in abnormal growth. 


I can assure that I won’t cause you pain, so rest your worries into Me, like a tender rose vine climbing up a garden trellis. My love is alive in every word that I have given, and you can count on My love to show up with unstoppable provisions. 


My promise to you started as a seed and most of the change that has occurred has been performed completely underground. The roots took hold of My loving vows, like the roots of a rose bush anchoring firmly into the ground. 


I am doing something exquisite for you to make you feel more comfortable and to treat you so special. We’ll dance with the colors that vividly bloom, as I show you beauty in depths that you have never before seen. 


I am about to remind you of a love-filled story that I made for your life, that resembles a fairy-tale world that you have always dreamed about. My perfect love will awaken you to the new, as the first blooms burst forth to paint the most extravagant picture for you. 


The labors of faith that you have done under the ground are ready to emerge into the beauty that I have proclaimed. You’ll be raised up high over every trouble, like a rose that stands tall and glorious in the garden. 


I will personally hold you in the palm of My hand, and I will show you as My unique and well-guarded treasure to the world. 


Suddenly you’ll see My how My words reveal themselves, as I give you the immediate outcomes that I have promised to happen long ago. 


Just as leaves fertilize the forest floor, I have been feeding the soil for you to experience excessively fast growth. You can plan on a night and day difference–as I cause you to successfully take off. 


Like an Overnight Scentsation rose, that was the rose to rise into outer space, the blessings over your life will bear a distinction that is held by no other. 


You’ll step into what you always dreamed to be true, as you breathe in the sweet fragrance of the roses that have bloomed at last. 


Your fragrance will cause your calling from Me to be truly undeniable. I will give you a claim to fame as you vulnerably share your powerful testimony of My love saving your life. 


I will be the One to lift you up, and it will all be done from the unbreakable power of My personal love. 


Plan to be pleasantly surprised by an astronomical change that appears in your life. You’ll bloom into an overnight success, like the Overnight Scentsation rose that produces the sweetest aromas in a zero gravity placement. 


Like a rich rose oil that stands apart from all others, I will show the valuable essence of your anointing that was produced through the crushing and being placed under the pressures of fire. 


I will give you new and lasting love-treasured memories, as the pain and suffering that you have felt are swept away like ash from the fire. 


It will feel like something from a romance book, as I open up what was once hidden away, leaving nothing more to question. The trials that have opposed your faith before has now brought out a very plentiful income. 


The long build-up has led to this moment, as I turn you into an instant success from out of the seed of love that I have planted for you. 


It’s finally here–the very uncommon rose that I have grown. Your story will stand above the rest–and you won’t need to struggle to make yourself heard. You’ll see new beginnings come from this flower bed–with no more thorns to hurt–only beauty will be shown. 


Scribed by Dannette


Flowers of Fulfillment

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