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Uncovering the New



The dreams that God has given you for a beautiful, new life are like an iceberg that floats quietly through the water. There are many things that God has promised you, and He has decorated each detail with outcomes that you will love. 


Your life is much like one of those towering frozen mountains that drift through the water. The part that is seen often collects dirt and debris being weathered by the elements. That is so much like our own journey, as we move through the battles, warfare, and oppositions that rage against our destined beauty. 


Yet the most part of the iceberg lies unseen and beneath the surface of the ocean. The exquisiteness of God’s promises for your life has not been seen or understood by others. 


It is normal to go through an opposite situation when you have been given a promise from God for a dramatic transformation. 


Like an iceberg that floats into strong winds with a current moving in the opposite direction, it is the friction that presses against your faith that has caused the most growth and strength to help in your journey. 


All that is seen at the moment may be the troubles, the pain, the lack, the sickness, the attacks from others–yet like the dirt on the tip of the iceberg–none that will hurt you. 


The dirt won’t hurt…because God’s power will explode from out of your needs and weaknesses. Your weakness is a place of honor and not a reason to accept discounts from others. 


Let others think and say what they please, because in a sudden event initiated by God–God will vindicate you and turn things over. 


Like an iceberg that is flipped over, those who have opposed and criticized you will be moved to the bottom, as God seats you in the highest place of respect, beauty, and honor. 


Because what God has given you as a promise for your life, is like the massive underside of an iceberg that He has protected and kept safe. Like Joseph who started His destined dream being abused and attacked, the beauty of His future happened in a flashing moment. 


There is an instability now, before the dream has come to the surface, as what you see doesn’t yet look like God’s promise. Like a floating iceberg–eager for change– you have been yearning and longing to see the loveliness of those fulfilled words. 


Up until this point, things have been off balance, like a curse that meets the power of the blessing. Like an iceberg that twists in the water to find a stable position into being all that God promised, the bulk at the bottom has been preparing to suddenly be uncovered.


God is the one who gives the strength of the fulfilled dream, and He will cause His explosive power to bring a sudden, tremendous change. Like an iceberg suddenly flipping over releasing power as massive as an atomic bomb, everything that you have dreamed of happening will become visible to all. 


So don’t be discouraged if everything looks and seems the opposite of your promise. And don’t be disheartened if it feels like your troubles will go on and one without ending. 


It only takes a second…a twinkle of the eye…for God to instantly turn everything around and deliver the permanent beauty of your dreams and longings. 


What God has promised you, and what you have dreamed to be will soon be uncovered. Nothing has changed—the promises are still there–just hidden for the moment, like the mass of an iceberg under the water. 


God’s glory will be revealed through your life, as He suddenly flips things over to appear just as He said that it would. The treasure that has been secretly hidden beneath the surface will be uncovered like a turquoise-colored jeweled iceberg. 


It will be open and apparent to all that you are as God has said, as your life sparkles to reveal the extraordinarily vivid blue underside. Like a glittering jade iceberg, you’ll have a completely new life–and look. 


The best part is, like a spectacular iceberg that has been flipped, the beauty that God uncovers will remain with you forever. 


I love you and I am praying for you. May everything flip over over for you–in an instant–to look and feel exactly as you dreamed that it could happen! 





Flowers of Fulfillment

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