Love Letters

Unveiling the Hidden

A love letter from the Father



Slow down, My dear, and breathe. Just be patient and relax. You don’t have to try so hard to figure this out, everything that I promised will come to you at just the right time. Every detail is safe in My hands, and you can trust Me to not allow anything to stop what I have promised. 


Toss your worries into the air and see what happens. Just recline upon Me and allow Me to carry you into the sweet fulfillment of your promise. 


Release your grip on all that you fear could go wrong, sometimes holding on is what hurts more than anything else. Count on My love to be there for you and trust Me to do all that I promised that I would. 


Feel My heart all around you, as you float effortlessly in My grace. Relax your worries and rest from the fearful thinking. Live in the present moment and enjoy what this time brings. Don’t worry about how you will survive what is next, or of all that could be happening.  


Where I guide you–I will overly provide for you! You can rest your mind and be comforted in Me. Dearest heart, you won’t be humiliated as you may have feared or thought, rather, you will be given double the honor and recognition.


Plan on an unexpected change to help you cross over into where I am leading. I’ll take you on a shortcut to the fulfillment of your dreams. The desperation of the 11th hour will transform into a luxurious getaway. 


Open yourself up to the unknown and expect an unexpected turn to put everything into place. Trust in this love-filled path that I have made especially for you.  


Resist holding onto what was, so that you can be free to discover the new that can be. Let go of how you thought it would go, and you will surely love how this all plays out even more. You’ll be so delighted by how everything falls into place! Unlimited freedom is at your fingertips!


I am sending you out to the world on a magnificent high, and I will restore you as though the hardships and suffering never happened at all. Every detail that matters to you will be good as new–to bring out a masterpiece that is much more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined. 


Love is in the air, and I am lifting you up into a dreamy new place. You’ll see how I have created a new life for you to love and cherish beyond anything that you have dared to consider. 


Be ready to see moments of great beauty opening before you. I will surprise you at every turn and deliver far more than you could hope for! 


Sometimes surprise gifts arrive when you least expect they could–and before you thought it was possible. Something beautiful will emerge out of nowhere that is sure to put a big smile on your face! 


I am unveiling what has been hidden before you all of this time–as a promise unfolds like a rose right before your eyes. You’ll see a fairy tale vision flutter into fulfillment as I take you up to places that seem too wonderful to describe.


Scribed by Dannette

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