Faith Stories

You’ve been undercover until now…




For a very long time, you have had to blend in, like a living stone succulent plant that looks like the surrounding pebbles and sand. You did not choose to be planted as ordinary, but God has hidden you there for a time of being undercover. 


Because God loves to hide His best kept treasures in the places that are often low and overlooked. Like choosing the least respected by man to be given the crown of a King, God loves to tuck away the magnificent among the plain and unassuming. 


Although others have not yet recognized how unique and valuable you are, God is moving you apart from those around you, so that He can raise you up as one that He has favored and called to the top. 


Like a living stone, you were made to blend in–for a time–into your surroundings. Like a stone on the ground, you were often walked over, overlooked, and kicked around. 


Yet God knows who you are–and so do you. It has been woven inside your genes and even in the air that you breathe. You are not like the rest–oh no–nothing like them at all. For a while you had to be hidden like a living stone among the dirt of the ground, for your protection. 


Like hiding baby Moses in the papyrus surrounded by hungry crocodiles, and then placing him in a home of those who sought to murder God’s babies—the time of being hidden was for your protection so that you could be made ready for your elevation into being a powerful leader. 


God protected you from danger by placing you right in the midst of the danger. You learned to trust in Him with all of your heart–as you saw that the absence from danger was not what kept you safe at all–but it was the ever-presence of the Living God. 


Although you were placed among those who are nothing like you, God has made big plans to cause you to change the world with your voice–and you’re calling. 


You have so much more within you than you even know. Like a living stone that looks like a dry rock, you have hidden water on the inside. 


You have been filled with the rarest beauty ever seen, like a geode rock that is a stone on the outside, but filled with shimmering gemstones within.


It may appear to others that you are an ordinary rock on the outside, but you are like a thunder egg, filled with dazzling agate, jasper, and shimmering opal within. 


Like a living stone, that mimics the rock from where it has grown, you have blossomed into the humility and loveliness that God has shown. 


You have had a long time of being overlooked and under-respected, like lithop living stones that appear to be just like sand on the ground, and they are incredibly difficult to spot. 


The living stones blend into the dry dirty ground–but they are full of God’s riches–where hidden water in the desert can be found. They blend in with the ground and rocks–yet they are carriers of hidden water—just as you are a carrier of the presence and power of God.


You are a conduit of God’s love and a releaser of His blessings. You have been selected to be undercover until now, but God is pulling you out among the crowd to be seen in the way that God has intended you to be seen. 


The time of being undercover and overlooked is coming to the end, as God moves on your behalf and sticks up for you as the best friend that you have ever had. 


God will use you to help so many to breakthrough, as He causes fountains of bubbling water to emerge from your life, like water spilling out of a rock. So many will cherish the blessing of God on your life–because it will bless them too–because you are a “spring of the one who has been chosen and called”.


Even though you are coming out of the unassuming and undercover place, you will still be safe and protected in God. The Lord will continue to be your Rock to protect you from the enemies plans–and He will kick up dirt on those who come at you with false accusations and attacks. 


You are safe here, beloved one, and God is now calling you up. It’s time to be set apart in a bright and visible way–because you are so much more than anyone has ever known. 


You have been chosen for honor and as an instrument of revealing God’s power. Your surrendered and yielded life has prepared you for this moment to break out into your destined position, as leader who carries God’s heart on your shoulders and loves like He does too. 


Ignore those who remind you of the dirt from where you started, because God is going to cause even those to come back to give you love and honor. You’ll be sought out instead of being overlooked. 


You are being exposed for the radiant creation that you are–and no longer will be staying in the hiding place of being mediocre. Although you were secretly placed among the gravely flats and stony ridges, everything is abruptly going to be changing. You will no longer be disregarded or treated as common in ordinary places. 


You are extraordinary–far more valuable than anyone knows just yet…but they will…and they are about to see you in the way that God has always intended. Your incomparable beauty is growing too bright to remain tucked away and hidden. 


The love of God within you is exploding out, and it is too vast and wonderful to remain unseen and unnoticed. 


You are being openly revealed, as a chosen and anointed child of God. The times of staying small and comfortable are coming to an end. Appearing average will no longer work on your behalf. Now is the time to shine as the brilliant jewel that God has had hidden among the rocks all along. 


Surrender to your beauty, loveliest one. Own who you are and choose to step into your destined placement. You are being lifted to the high place for which you were created to stand. 


God is rewarding you for your suffering and giving you comforts from being treated as dirt and dust on the ground. Like a living stone succulent plant rising over the mountains, you are being re-planted to stand apart from all. 


From the very small and insignificant beginning of not being seen, the days of being undercover are finished. You will see a stark difference suddenly take place, as you are exposed as the greatness that God has made you to be. 


From being overlooked–you will instantly become sought out. It will all happen with a sudden event that brings an overnight change to your life of unbelievable success. 


Nothing will ever be as it was, because that low place was never who you were or where God intended you to stay. Although you had to dwell among the dirt and pebbles, that is not who you are–and never again will you be in that insignificant place again. 


This is the beginning of your life–where you step into the exquisite masterpiece that you truly are—as the shimmering treasure that God has had hidden all along. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward


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