Love Letters

You’ll be dining with a silver spoon

A love letter from Jesus



Relax, My dear, I have you completely covered. Rest your head upon My shoulder, and let Me take your worries away. Breathe easy, beloved child, everything is going to be fine.


I am repairing your troubles and making everything right again. Every worry that you have placed in My arms is already handled to be just as you prayed. The opposite of your fears is what will be done, so don’t worry about it any longer. 


Protecting you is part of My plan, My Love will never harm you at all. You will soon see that everything has changed to look just as I have proclaimed. The rain of My love is coming to the rescue to soothe your pain, and lift the frustrations away. 


I will be the Hero that you need, as I instantly transport you into a time of indulgent comforts. Like being born with a silver spoon, you’ll experience the rich privilege that comes with staying connected to My promise. 


This is the moment that dreams are made of! Like reading the most beautiful story ever told, the pages of your promises are opening before your eyes. This is the diamond edition of a brand-new life! 


Dear heart, sometimes you just have to take a chance and trust that things will be better than what you have had. Let go of how things have been and open up to receive everything just as I have promised. The promise is attached to you, and it will fulfill itself like a prophetic love story. 


You won’t be sorry for trusting in Me–you’ll see! You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.  I will surprise you with something that you have wanted so much–and I will get you back to moving forward again. 


Instead of the sorrows of the ground, I will place you up in a high place–where you are free from constraint. You will surely witness the indescribable, as I reveal a breathtaking view that will completely alter your life with My inherited wealth. 


I will not leave you helpless, nor forget you. I will never let you down. You’ll see how drastically your life has changed by being a child of royalty. It pays to have connections in high places–and you’ve always got Me! 


With the deepest love and the greatest pleasure, I invite you to indulge in this banquet that I have prepared. Every detail has been sorted out to give you many favorable outcomes that happen all together. 


You’ll be treated as an honorable guest that I adore and cherish so much. Just sit back and savor this time–and leave the rest to Me! My gift to you is never second best–I promise! 


My loving support will cover your needs from head to toe. Rest assured, My treasure, no one who trusts in Me will be put to shame or disappointed. Everyone loves a comeback story and yours is going to put you on the map!


Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong–oh My dear–you’ll be blessed! You’ll be lavished with more than you need, as I cover your expenses from out of My glorious riches. You will have everything you need and plenty left over with extra breathing room.


You’ll be given the silver spoon of privilege that comes from depending on Me. I will rain down prosperity on you and peace in an abundance. I will flood you with wealth from every direction that keeps on accumulating. 


I will comfort you with My life-reviving love, and you’ll never suffer the dry ground again. Expect more and more of My goodness to arrive, as I adorn your world with a Kingdom life. 


Listen, My beautiful one, I am playing your song that you love so much! This encounter is made just for you–to make up for the grief from all that you have endured. 


Take heart, My bride, I’m putting the million dollar smile back on your face, as I transport you into an upgraded life. You’ll be dining with a silver spoon of My luxurious support and lavish blessings. 


It will be an unforgettable experience that you will love, as you watch the glittering lights in a luxury space of promise and comfort from above. I will open up an encounter that is truly unmatched, that leaves you longing for more–and I will provide that too as a matter of fact. 



Scribed by Dannette



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