Love Letters

Safe Delivery

A love letter from the Father



Dear heart, although you were injured long ago, and were hurt by the cruelties of injustice, that is no longer how it is for you. In order to remove the impact that the past trauma has left on your life, I am going to help you see that everything has changed. 


Like healing trauma by exposure to remove the fear and heal the wound, I am going to show you that those things that you have feared doing will not in any way hurt you as they once had. Rest your heart, My cherished child, this will be not anything like you have ever experienced. 


I will give you a safe delivery into the outcome that I have promised and the materialization of your much desired hopes. You will experience the peace that comes from being held and carried by My presence. Believe it or not–you are going to love this! 


To avoid facing your fears is a form of self-seeking safety. However, My child, I want you to depend on My protection and not the fear built self-comforts of your own. My lovely child, relax into Me and trust Me to protect you from hurt and from those who are abusive towards others. 


I will show you, My chosen one, that the fears were only illusions that kept you from being all that I have promised you to become. It’s time to stop backing away from those things that you fear and trust in My protective love to be a safe refuge all around. 


Beloved, be confident in My steadfast love and in the all-present power of My personal protection. Move towards that thing that you fear to do–so that I can show you there was nothing to fear at all. You’ll see that nothing was permitted to hurt you and those same fears have been commanded to bless you with ridiculous amounts of love. 


Focus on where you are going and not on what you fear to go through. Walking through the fear is only a bridge to get you to the next level of the life that you have dreamed to have. My dear heart, keep your eyes on the prize and on the closeness of My strong and powerful love. 


The opposite of what you fear is a promise, so relax the tensions that you are holding. I will show you great levels of kindness and I will be right there to save your life with overwhelming comforts. 


Beautiful jewel, those fears that you have about what will come are not even real, but they are an illusion trying to keep you from being who you are destined to become. 


Nothing bad will happen for you as we move through this, because I am here comforting you and holding you up. Even the strongest force is no match for My love. Truly, beloved, My love for you is more powerful than anything that you fear could happen. 


Be calm, beautiful one, I am going to show you a life-changing expression of My faithful love. Protecting you is always My plan and I will not allow you to fall or become injured as in the times of the past. 


You can rest in knowing that you will be given more than enough. Instead of being confined and restricted, you are moving into unimaginable amounts of My personal favor. 


I have given you favor with God and man–and you will see that you are loved far beyond what you can fathom and understand. 


Anyone who raises a voice to condemn you will only make a public fool of himself. It is true! He will become an object of laughter, as you are immensely honored for your loyalty to Me with all-abandoned trust and self-sacrificing love. 


Your hopes are intertwined with My plans, so rest in what you hope to be done as the anchor to where your mind can find rest. Adhere to your hopes as the way things will go–and I will cause you to end up with better than ever before. 


You can count on My faithful protection and loving provision to remain constant in every moment. As a matter of fact, it will keep getting better. I will always be with you and provide you with help–you and your family from here on out! 


You will see unprecedented levels of My immense generosity–because you have chosen to trust Me–even when you were feeling your worst. I will bring a surprise delivery to comfort you through this. There will be more than enough of all that you need and plenty left over to help someone else. 


See it this way, My shining star, you are not facing your fears, rather you are stepping into your destined calling. It is so much higher than you are even ready for!


I am going to show you that there was nothing to be worried about. This time is nothing like before. Instead of being stoned as an outcast–you’ll be celebrated for all that you are as a chosen one of the Lord. 


Dearest darling, I have heard your prayers and I have weighed out the tension from your sighs and groans. I understand how hard this is for you and I will show you the compassion that you need to feel secure. 


I will carry you close to My heart–so close that nothing can harm you at all. This time around will be nothing like before, and after this is over, you’ll be so relieved that you’ll wanting to do even more. 


I am going to give you everything that you have asked for! You can take it to the bank. I will bring you a safe delivery into what you have believed, as I comfort you like a toddler being nurtured securely in the cradle of My stable arms. 


Scribed by Dannette



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