Love Letters

Born to Fly

A love letter from the Father



Things won’t be upside down much longer, My darling child. You are not alone with all of your troubles. I have deep compassion on all you are enduring, and I am going to help you with comfort and soothing support. 


You can count on My loyalty, even when others are no longer around. I am going to cause you to effortlessly rise like a breathtaking bird heading up to the skies. It will be so peaceful as you drift through the air, where the struggles cannot reach you there. 


Instead of being stressed and weighed down with needs, you’ll be delighting in the freedom of the flight with more than you have dreamed. 


I am making this easy for you, so just rest in the palm of My hand. I will give you the ability to go anytime you need–and anywhere that you would like to be. Like going on a shopping spree with My provisional love, you won’t have to worry about the limits that come with the low levels of living. 


Beloved, pay no attention to those who have poorly judged your walk or those that have come against your name with unloving words. Like setting a tiny hummingbird up to the top, I will use the small and unsuspecting to make a fool of the proud and arrogant.  


I will turn the bricks that were thrown in your face to become a place where you stand out with spectacular grace. Those bricks will be pressed into tiny little pieces of rainbow jewels that radiate from you like a kaleidoscope of endless beauty. 


Like a kaleidoscope filled with tremendous hidden riches, I will cause your life to reflect My favor with shimmering pearls and glittering diamonds. You’ll fly into dream–without doing a thing. All because you chose to trust and honor Me in all of your ways. 


Now, this is important dear heart. Be sure to bless in every instance, rather than attack back against the violent accusers. Release the offenses of how you were treated and trust Me to settle the score. A bird must always bless, and never curse. 


Show love to those who have abused you with unkind words and to those who have thrown bricks against this dream that I have been helping you build. 


Trust the process that I am doing with others. Each heart is a different kind of work in progress. I will cause beauty to come from the pain that you have had, and I will cause those who have hated you to love you just as I have. 


It won’t be long before you are flying free in the air, laughing so much more than you ever have! You’ll look up and see there is endless grace and no more constraint. 


You will finally know what it is like to feel the clouds over your face, and explore the endless blue skies of My unconditional love. 


This is my song for you, precious heart. I have written it all in the rainbow of My everlasting promises. The mud that was flung at you after the rains are now being revealed as extraordinary beauty today. 


Just as the word kaleidoscope means “beautiful to view”, My presence that is revealed through you will be indescribable, and it will be impossible to deny My love in you. 


Like a kaleidoscope that displays an endless possibly of shimmering patterns and captivating visual arrays–of dancing colors–others will see you the way that I see you–as I reveal your beauty in the most breathtaking views. 


Be confident, My cherished one, you are being openly vindicated by My devoted and defensive love. Let go of all of your worries, and breathe in My love all around you. You’ll be lifted so wondrously like a whimsical balloon, full of pure joy pulling you upwards like helium. 


Finally, after being released from the tensions as the stress melts away, you will be far from the low places of the beginning. Relief will be an understatement, as My soothing winds blow through. You’ll feel the liberation that comes with having no limits above you. 


Looking around, you’ll see how I have taken you, as the vast ocean looks like an aqua marine jewel that shimmers with unending love and the seagulls quiet their cries of hunger. 


The shift has already started, beloved, like a viewer turning a kaleidoscope to witness the fascinating change of colors. Those who saw where you began will finally understand the full picture. They will see the finished product of My calling for you and the beautiful surprise that brought it all together. 


I am going to do what I have promised, dearest darling! I am making your dreams a reality and doing above and beyond all the hopes that you have considered! You’ll be known and honored as one who really flies–and you will have the privileged right of calling the clouds your home and the stars your pillows. 


Sweetest child, it’s time to spread your wings and fly away into the tomorrow that you have been preparing to see. You’ll dance over the clouds and fly into freedom and the abundance that you have been promised would be. 


The rainbows are on the way, so look up and fly away with Me into a brand-new day. Feel the joy bursting within, and the butterflies of miracles coming back to life again. 


You will rise up and soar above the sorrows, criticisms, and lies. I will show you unfathomable new things that you have not yet dreamed–full of panoramic views of the pure ocean blues the wide-open skies that leave you speechless inside. 


With a sunward climb, release your doubtful hesitations as you rise into the sky. Soon you see, My dear little one…with all that you have been through and all that is within you…you were born to fly. 




Scribed by Dannette


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