Love Letters

Intentional by Design

A love letter from the Father



The hardships that you have had to withstand often came with weariness, as you pressed beyond all doubting. You continued to hope against all hope, like a determined tree growing by the river with roots fully exposed from the onslaught of erosion. 


Oh My dear, I understand how fiercely the winds that have blown in your direction,  and the outlook of surviving this time may seem overwhelming. Although it may be tempting to give into the despair, there is another option for you to consider from here. 


It’s true, beloved, the treasured hopes that you have inside are reaching out for the sunlight–aching to be materialized. I will help you as the Gardener of your prayers, so don’t worry and don’t be scared. My power is perfectly manifested, through the frailty of your needs and through the place of your weakness. 


I am here to comfort you, My darling little one. Take those hopes that you have deep within, and I will help them to flourish into fulfillment. Like an artistic gardener growing a bonsai plant, I will help you to design the outcome that you are hoping to see at last. 


I will cause your hopes to flourish, as we fine tune the details, like a gardener using bonsai tools and wires to design beauty to grow intentionally to be exactly what you will love. 


The outcome that you hope for can happen, as we design a story of intentional love, like a bonsai tree made especially for your heart, and to help you rise up over the storm. 


Precious heart, there are no limits to what can be done. Like growing a bonsai tree made with personalized love, the only limit is how the gardener would love it to look. 


Give Me the intimate details of your request and I will fine tune the outcome as you calmly rest. Just breathe and trust Me to care for you with the deepest affections. 


Darling child, don’t waver or overthink these things. Just commit to the story that you have prayed about and refuse to waver with worry. Decide that it will be done just as you have asked, and I will be the power to fulfill these plans. 


As you see the fulfilled outcome of your hopes, you will feel immense comfort. Indeed, you will realize that the time of planning was surely worth all the trouble that it took. Like a bonsai plant that grows extremely fast, don’t be surprised when I show up sooner than you would suspect. 


I will set you up to touch the clouds–as I pleasantly surprise your expectations. Like a lofty tree growing upon a craggy mountain, you will see how wonderfully and suddenly that I have lifted you up. 


You’ll be so refreshed by the joy and relief of your answered prayers, as I present you with bonsai plant with rich clusters of purple grapes draping down to the ground. 


Beautiful one, I will cover your prayers and cause them to come out just as you are hoping. Truly I will deliver this gift, as the fulfillment comes out to look as you hoped it would! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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