Love Letters

I will be a Refuge for you in the storm

A love letter from the Father



My dear heart, let Me remind you of this. I am the One who has called you to this place where you are, and I have ordered your steps. I will fight against anyone who raises up to condemn you or accuse you at all. Allow no man to convince you of any other way. Have faith in who you are to Me, because I love you endlessly. 


My kindness, love, and peace are wrapped around you and I already made My decision–you are blessed and forgiven–no matter what anyone says. Don’t be moved by the noise of attacks that may rise like waves against your identity or calling. 


My dear, don’t allow those with filthy words to write upon the purity of your heart. You are surely prosperous and loved by Me–and all of your errors are forgiven and forgotten forever. You are favored! 


I will be a Refuge for you in the storm of slander, like a tall castle with fortified walls. I will save you and vindicate your name. So breathe in My love again and count on My rescue of strong defense to appear when it feels like the world is not on your side. 


You can trust Me to rescue you when you need it the most and to cast down those who are proud and arrogant with their words. The vile ones who oppose My grace for you, like violent waves attempting to break you down, will be utterly ashamed and publically corrected. Their self-made crowns will fall down, and those who follow them will run out. 


Stand confident in the security of My loyal love. You can be fearless at all times, because nothing can harm you or threaten My blessings over your life. There is no man who has the power to revoke your destined calling or take you out of where I have placed you. 


Rest in My love, as I cradle you in a hiding place that is impenetrable against attacks. Have no worries, loveliest one, the vows of My love will never stop blooming to bring the most desirable outcomes. 


I will hide you away in the cleft of My heart and no weapon formed against you will bring you harm. You are surrounded with My loving kindness. So quiet your thoughts and trust Me to be Sovereign over all. 


My love will be a safe covering for you, like a tall lighthouse that stands unmoved amidst the turbulent ocean waves. You will come out of this untouched and I will raise you into a phenomenal new level, and you will be adorned with respect from every direction.  


In a twinkling moment the storm will be stopped and those who fought against you will surrender their weapons. I will step in to your defense, as I hold you close to My heart with deep love and compassion.  


You will see just how much I have loved you, as I bring those against you to be completely quiet. I am giving you peace on sides and rest from the warfare. Instead of the struggles that you have known–you’ll be immensely prospered, as you grow and grow and grow! 


This time is not at all how it looks or feels from the start. Despite the crashing waves and howling winds that started things off, you will be feasting on the love of My favor and defense in the presence of all. 


The upraising waves that you see, are pulling up the most phenomenal blessings. I will use what the enemy planned to harm you–to instantly lift you up with the approval of My unconditional love. 


Although it may seem like a chaotic start, it is a shortcut that was designed to elevate you very quickly. I am giving you an incredibly fast route into your dreams and placing you at the very top above your adversaries. 


You will not be put to shame even one bit. I have it all planned out, and I will cause a Hero to step in to act upon My heart. 


Instead of dreading the worst, expect the very best! This is not a time to panic or fret. Rather, this is a time of My thundering defense and ever-present love reaching down to help. 


The high walls of My protection will keep the roaring waves from getting in. Instead of being abused and afflicted by the onslaught of those with wicked intents, you’ll step into a sunny new beginning of tremendous love and respect. 


I will cause buried treasures to become uncovered from their place of hiding and I will surprise you with a deeply loved promise rising to the surface that will change everything completely. 




Scribed by Dannette

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