Love Letters

I am changing your scars into stars

A love letter from the Father


Listen, My dear, everything has already changed now. That is enough collecting dust from painful memories of all you have been through. What has been done is done, and the past will not be reoccurring. 


Inhale the peace of My Sovereign love and no longer mourn those things that have slipped through your fingers. I would like you to know, My cherished one, all that was lost is already coming back around. 


You are safe, beloved. The past is behind you, and nothing can take My promise away from you again. You can always count on My unending support to flow in like an ocean that is always moving, and you can depend on My love to always be unconditional to you, no matter what. 


Dearest darling, rest in the stars of My promises as I remove the scars from where you have been hurting. Place all of your burdens upon Me, as you let out a massive sigh of relief. 


All of My beauty is always drawn to you and the warmth of My love is surrounding you through every moment. Allow Me to comfort your fears as I embrace you with the sweets perfumes of My gentle words. 


Sink into My arms, My dear child, and let your heart slow down to the calming solace of My endless love. Flip the script of what you have been worrying about, as you look to the dream promise that I have ensured would be done. 


No longer allow those worries or thoughts of the past hardships to get into your head. See the new that I have proclaimed and consider it as already done. Let My promise be the home where your thoughts live. 


The deep desires of your hopes are going to be completely fulfilled. Give yourself permission to feel joy and relief, as you drop your shoulders from every tension and let your anxious breath come out. 


I will show up with a dream surprise for you, and it will come straight from My heart. I love you, more than you could ever know, and I am not going to hurt you or allow you to fall. 


My treasure, surrender to the happiness and laughter of My promise–and receive it as fulfilled–even before you have held it close. I am giving you the dreams that you have been longing for as I wrap you in My radiance and remove the scars that you have worn. 


Don’t worry, My dear. I will remember to honor My words–and I will show up with the tangible promise that I have made to you. Yes, loveliest heart, I will stay with you and I will protect you wherever you are. 


I will always stick with you, even if there is nobody else. I will not fail you in any way–and don’t be afraid My darling–you will not fail Me in any way either. I love you without restrictions…


I will never relax My hold on you, beautiful one, you can let your guard down and relax into My strong support. I will continue to fill you with My loving provisions and instead of running out–you will keep on increasing. 


Because of all that you have been through, I will pleasantly surprise you with better than you hope. There will be more than you expect–pouring out like glittering stardust. 


Your dream is coming true, My sweet little child! I will powerfully save you with the pure Glory of God. I will open your eyes to see My promise right before you in plain sight. With limitless strength–I will show you just how much I care about all that matters to your heart! 


See My promises shimmering through your doubts and fears. I will show up to come to your aid, and I will calm your anxious and wandering thoughts. You’ll be encompassed by blessings in every way, like stars shooting across the night sky to illuminate the darkness. 


I am revitalizing you with My energizing power, as My love washes over you like waves of the ocean tide. Instead of being in the despair of dust, you’ll be dancing with the stars of My promises that you love so much! 


Suddenly, you’ll see My love show up to comfort you again, as the fulfillment appears before your eyes like moonbeams covering the swaying ocean. 


Remember, beloved child, I can do anything. So rest from trying to figure out how. I will deliver so much more than you can guess–-and beyond what you are dreaming of. 


Be ready to see the space between you and the stars collide into one, as I awaken you with a surprise fulfillment of My promise. You will go from dreaming–to possessing! It is closer to you than you even realize! 


Lovely child, you will see Me demonstrate My glory and love, as I give you back a life to love again. Instead of the pressing of faith, you’ll be wading in golden seas, as you enter your most treasured dreams. 


You’ll marvel as I move right before your eyes, and perform miracles in the middle of the night. I will reveal secret riches hidden beyond the ocean floor—as you come face to face with a life-changing abundance. 


Dearest darling, You’ll be glowing–you’ll be shining! Your scars are changing into stars, as I radiate you with a beauty that sets you apart. Instead of gathering dust and suffering, you’ll be adorned miraculously as the dream becomes you completely. 



Scribed by Dannette

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