Love Letters

A beauty that will never grow old

A love letter from the Father


Everything will be okay, My beloved child. I will be there for you through thick and thin. Surely, I will come to your aid and I will help you again. I will defend you in the battle and send the relief that you need. 


Nothing bad will happen to you during this time, rather you will taste the sweet success and victory as I protect you with My outstretched arms of unbreakable love. 


Dear heart, relax from the tensions that surround you. Breathe in relief and think of only good news coming. Just stand your ground as you trust in My undefeatable defense. I will place a stone in the path of the arrogant that rise against you, and they will stumble with humiliation from My open correction. 


My dear, don’t worry at all. You will not suffer or be disgraced because you have risked it all to depend on My love. You will be in awe as you see Me send the rain of support at just the right time. I will keep you moving ahead, regardless of anything your enemies have done or said. 


I am going to show you the tangible gold of trusting in My vows. You will see My abundance all around you, as I plentifully provide more than enough. You are supported by My promises of love–and no one has the power to take that away. 


Keep close and follow My voice, My chosen darling. I am going to use this time to take down those who are more recognized than you and stronger in their own eyes as well. Although they seem highly influential, I will show up and show off to fiercely defend you. 


Rest, and lean upon Me to carefully protect you. Don’t be intimidated by how large those against you may seem and don’t give their judgements a second thought. I am with you and I won’t let you down. I am going to show you the glorious wonders of My protective love to lift the humble up. 


Don’t allow anyone to burst your bubble or make you feel less than you are. I have called you and chosen you for this ascension. I am turning the accusations against you into blessings–because I love you so very much! 


I will be a Hero to rescue you from the violence of the proud. I will release you from their accusations and cause the shame that they intended for you to be returned upon their own heads. 


Who can dare harm a hair on your head, when I have chosen you and anointed you to carry My heart. I am proving your right standing with Me. My darling little one, just allow those untrue words against you to roll off of your back, as you cling to My love. I have got you! 


Even through the highest waves of warfare, you can stay at peace in My love to cover you with safety. I will reveal immense beauty from out of the chaos.


Like a spectacular jade stone that rings like a bell when struck, I will cause you to hear the joy of My response as I defend you as My elect in the midst of criticisms and attacks.  


Beloved, don’t be in dread by what is coming, I will cause it to be a heavenly relief. I will keep you secure and safe from harm, as I comfort you with the blessings of My personal support. 


I will put things in the right place and I will fix all the wrongs. Don’t panic, I will show up on time and I will save you from the deceitful ones. Like jade stones fashioned into weapons for battle, I will cause My public rebuke on your enemies to increase honor and beauty over your name and life. 


My child, you are secure in My hands. Let the violent talkers curse you all they want–and I will change it all into multiplied blessings of My defensive love. I will cause them to be seen in shame, as they discarded by those who once followed their ways. 


That is what will happen to those know-it-alls! Their pride will become their swift downfall. Their arrogant lips will be silenced beyond their smooth talking ways. There is no help for them at all. 


I will expose the truth of those who pretend to speak My words, because they are only full of hot air. I won’t be silent, My love, and for your sake I will cause them to fall over themselves. 


Their shameful ways will be exposed, as the whole world watches with alarm. There is no more applause for them, they have hit rock bottom and there is no getting up again. As far as I am concerned, their platforms are finished and their crowds will quickly dwindle out. 


Like a bucket of water that is knocked over and spilled out, those who have accused you will not be at the top any longer. However, My dear one, this is your golden hour! 


I am causing your reputation to be framed in My glorious light. I will cause the damage from the attacks to be filled with My gold to adorn you in a powerful beauty that sets you apart. 


I will crown you as My own, dear heart, and you will stand in awe as you behold this majestic sight. Your incomparable beauty will shine like glittering gold, as I adorn you with My grace. You are really blessed, My dear, really blessed for good! 


I will highlight the areas where you suffered the most with shimmering details as luxurious as gold. You will be restored with better than you have dreamed, as I cause you to come out of this time much stronger and wrapped in elegance that is truly breathtaking. 


Eventually every memory of discomfort and pain will fade, and I will remove every feeling of embarrassment and shame from your earlier life. You’ll feel the peace of living in peace and unafraid of those who are haughty with self-importance in their own minds. 


My beloved, don’t resist the new life that I am opening before your eyes. This will bring you comfort and the fulfillment of your dearest desires. Let yourself be all that you have dreamed, as you surrender to what I am doing. 


I am going to use you to demonstrate My deeply personal love with all the world watching in amazement. In awe, they will stand, captivated by your encounters with Me. I am using your testimonies to draw them closer. 


You’ll grow into even more beauty that is always renewing. I am making you famous for My purposes and plans, and you will be fully respected in every way without argument. 


I have set aside a place for you that no man can take–you will not be harassed or knocked around any longer, My loveliest one. 


I will openly honor your prayers—and like a radiant imperial jade gemstone–you will be fully known with no one at odds against you again. And now, My dear, don’t you worry about a thing; I’ll do all you could want, ask, or think.


Look up beloved–above the storm. I am delivering a surprise that will leave you speechless! It is better than anything you can dream–and nothing like this has ever happened before. 


Beloved, get ready to live your richest life. I am revealing a masterpiece of blessings for you to put on a stunning display. I will treat you with special honor–and you’ll feel like royalty wherever you go. 


I am giving you a towering achievement that will make you feel so pretty and proud. It will be obvious that there is no one quite like you at all, as I cause you to be esteemed by all and prized for the loveliness this is beyond replication. 


Dearest darling, you are leaving footprints of sheer gold everywhere that you go. Like a gleaming jade stone that is engraved in the purest gold, I am adorning you with a beauty that will never be taken away and beauty that will never grow old. 




Scribed by Dannette



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