Love Letters

Because you will love this…

A love note from the Father




Breathe… My dear. Everything is moving in your favor and what you are waiting for will show up out of nowhere. Be relieved of your stress over this fiery ordeal, but trust that everything will work out smoothly and better than you hoped it would.


Everything will be just fine, My child. You will not get harmed from this one bit, even when you walk through the fire, I am here when you need Me and I have covered you under My wings of Refuge. 


I won’t drop you, dear heart, I won’t allow you to fall. You can depend on My loving-kindness to be there to help. Trust that everything will come together at just the right time, I have got it all under My watchful eyes. 


Things are not what they seem at the moment. I have hidden the progress of this situation from being visible or noticed. What you see at the moment is not what is. I have been moving like a river behind the scenes to move you into the perfect position. 


My dear, I am leading you into the truest place of your destined calling, and it will require a sacrifice of leaving your comfort zone. Trust Me to have your back, I will protect you on all sides. Just show love to those who are difficult to love and trust Me to make everything right. 


You can rest into this journey and be the beautiful person that you were born to be! A whole new world is opening up to you, and it will be better than a dream. Your next step ahead will cause you to increase into the new life that you have been longing to see. 


I am bringing you into a version of you that you have been so eager to see. It will happen in a new place away from your ordinary comforts–as I take you higher than you have ever been before. 


Trust the power of My words to flow through you and rest in My presence holding you tight. Just exhale out all of your anxieties as you answer the call that is about to arrive. 


Loveliest flower, embrace the process of this transformation, as you allow your fear to settle into excitement in the fulfillment of a long-awaited promise coming to light. I am Divinely orchestrating every moment, and it will be way better than you have dreamt it. 


Allow yourself to surrender into the joy of the being on this other side of these troubles, like diving into cool crisp water after walking through the burning pressures that have been all around. 


A new beginning is opening up to you and those things that you struggled for before will come naturally to you from now on. Believe that you have the outcome that you hope to have. 


Trust. Know. Embrace My promise as already yours. Feel the bliss of being already there as love overflows your heart with contagious joy. Choose to believe that what I have promised is here for you now. A place of wanting is only reinforcing the illusion of lack and disbelief. 


Thank Me as though you already have what you seek. Feel the fullness of joy and relief that comes with a mindset of an abundance and fulfilled longings. The illusion of fear and doubts are your greatest enemies to entering into your dreams, so let go as you trust fearlessly.  


Precious child, if you doubt My promise, then you doubt the ultimate results of what you have been praying about. Have faith, and you will see the outcome that you have prayed move to the surface. 


Dear heart, let every thought that you have be a thought of love and not fear. I assure you, things will be better than they appear. A whole new chapter is opening right before you and I have placed a surprise in this time that will cause you to forget the discomforts and pressures.  


Soon you will see that you have become an unlikely winner that was chosen to sit at the top. Darling little one, don’t be worried about this one bit. Just relax and get excited about a new territory that you have been given, because you will love this so very much! 



Scribed by Dannette



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