Love Letters

I’ll bandage your hurts in blessings

A love letter from the Father



Dear heart, take a deep breath as you silence your doubts. Nothing has changed from what I promised, and the outcome that I have shown you will be delivered just like I said. 


You can rest assured, My little one, I will be gracious to you and lift you back up again. I am restoring you now, My child, and I will bandage your hurts with blessings. 


Please don’t allow a moment of disappointment to keep you from having confidence in Me to do all I have promised. Pause beloved, and evaluate what happened. Learn from the fall and apply what you have learned from the lesson. 


Take heart, My dearest darling, I am putting you back together again, and I am restoring you with more than what you expected to have. 


Let go of the painful things that have happened and consider it a thing of the past. Start brand new, as you look up to the sky and prepare to rise up again. Take a deep look at the possibilities that await you. 


See the billowing clouds of My favorable love ready to load you with abundant freedom to do all that you need. Climb on board the magnificent balloon of faith-filled prayers and trust Me to give you an extraordinary gift of help. 


Expect big as you shoot for higher than the skies! I assure you beloved one, this prophetic promise is rising out and love is waking up to sing a joyful song. Your dreams are coming true right before you, like the morning dew catching the first beams of the sun. 


What seemed lost and caused you to be grieved with pain is coming back to life–a life that gives you more love than you can even dream or fathom! 


Forget the wounds that you endured, My child, and focus on the promise that I have been proclaiming. You are destined to arrive at just the right time–you can’t go wrong because the destination has been preset, so don’t panic or doubt what I have said. 


Sometimes, beautiful one, the only one stopping you from receiving your prayers is yourself. You set the limits and I will meet you at what you believe. Have courage to surrender to faith–as you believe without going in between with worry and doubting. 


My dear, I have handcrafted this as a special moment for you and I won’t drop you or leave you abandoned. Don’t fret–I am with you! There is no need to be uneasy, I will be the source of your strength. 


I have said it once, and I will say it again. I will accept your prayer–just assume that it is done. This time will not be like the times before. I will wrap your hurts in blessings as I keep you safe and sound. I will do the best for you as I cause your deepest longings to appear out of plain sight. 


You are not alone, My treasured heart. I am making up for the tears that you have cried as I give you a feast of promises coming to life. You will see the full picture come into place as every piece is revealed–glimmering before you like stars in your eyes! 


Beloved, don’t doubt My power to rescue you and be your ever-present help. I am the One who brings down and raises up–and I have selected you for the rise of a lifetime! Instead of struggling to meet your needs, you’ll be dripping with an overflow of the finest things. 


I am lifting you up sooner than you think, My precious one. Before you are even aware that the prophetic moment has arrived, you will be on top of the world–you’ll be on cloud nine! 


Scribed by Dannette



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