Love Letters

I’ll show you it all

A love letter from the Father



Hush now, beloved child. Dry your eyes from the rivers that you have cried and be relieved of the sleepless nights of how you will survive. I know when you are trusting in Me, rest easy. I am opening a way to help you get through this easy. 


Inhale deep as you center your focus back upon Me. Breathe in the salty air and fix your gaze to behold the ginormous force of the ocean. See the vows that I have made you as unbreakable in beauty and all-powerful in strength. 


My darling, what you focus on will determine the direction that you will travel. Your awareness is an uncontainable weapon of absolute faith energy to achieve all that you could hope or dream. 


Turn your attention into the presence of My miracles being done in an instant and I will cause this to transform into the most dazzling experience. You will see, My dear, this will be far more wonderful than you can even imagine. 


Everything is absolutely possible–even miracles of instantaneous fulfillment. Truly, beloved, I will cause your deepest beliefs to become ripples of tangible gifts that emerge from the sea. 


You’ll come face to face with the outcome that you have longed to see, like moon beams that mirror over the ocean at night to cause the waters to sparkle and dance with illuminated light. 


Forget your doubts, as you take your attention away from them. Those uncertainties will dwindle away, as your faith rises up like a tidal wave of unbelievable change. 


All worry will disappear, and you will become light hearted and full of joy. I will cause your deepest desires to rise to the surface, as you set your intention on encountering a myriad of miracles and My intentional support. 


Remember, dear heart, every decision that you make and every thought that you take is a choice between a problem and a miracle. Choose to believe that a miracle will take place. 


A monumental prophecy is about to unfold out into the open, and I understand that it makes you a little nervous and a little excited–all at the same time. Part of you wants to jump into the waters and have fun like child splashing around. 


Yet there is also the hesitation that comes from wanting to hide from feeling vulnerable and exposed from being lifted so high. Let Me help you, My little one, follow the path of joy that I have been building up…


Realize that every detail is under My watchful eye, as you allow My peace to entwine you with a soothing sea of lasting peace and comfort. Choose an attitude of full surrender, My dear, as you dive forward into the unknown. 


Beloved, I am constantly ever-present, and I am going to do something for you that is much grander than you have dared to imagine. 


Let go and choose not to worry about how it will go. Trust that I will take care of it all. The pain that you feel will soon melt into an ocean of all-encompassing love and the promise that I made you will rise up. 


You will see through this thoughtful demonstration that I bring, that My love for you is more than you have ever dreamed. Suddenly you will become weightless as you float upon My Sovereign support and strong defensive protection. 


Just sit back as the show begins. Observe the changes without resistance or distrust in Me to defend you in every instance. Don’t be intimated by those who seem like mountains in size and reputation. 


Elevation and demotion comes from Me, and I am putting the arrogant in a low and humbling place. Just as mountains rise from the mantle of the earth and are brought low again by the raging winds. I will take down the proud, like a mountain melting into the sea, and he will never rise up against you again. You can take that as a promise from Me. 


Have courage, My friend! This is your time–and this is your place, My darling. You have been chosen to for this honor that I have given! Allow no man to cause you to shrink from whom I have destined you to be. You are so much more than your enemies could ever think to be. 


I am revealing My love to you in uncountable ways, and you will see incredible beauty radiate even on the darkest of days. There will be a glorious revealing through the turbulence of the waves. 


Be patient to behold the Divine allurement that fills the air after the storm. I will leave you speechless and amazed, as I bring out something more wondrous than any possible dream. 


I will speak for you, My lovely one, as your protective Father that cares so much. Just sit still and say not a word…when the accusations come from those with hearts full of jealousy and slander. 


A love beyond words will show up to save the day. It will be the place where two oceans meet–and true sparks ignite into flames. The frantic movements of the world around you will suddenly become slower paced, as you are engulfed in love so pure that it feels like time has stopped into an unforgettable moment. 


I am bringing you into a night and day difference, and you will love this more than anything that you have known. I will bless you in the richest ways, like an oceanic labyrinth of depths to recover. There will be more and more!


You will see the hidden wealth that I have stored away, as a whirl of buried treasure rises up from under the sea bed. I will sweep through the boundless deep and draw up more than you could ever contain all by yourself. 


Watch and be amazed, My loveliest one! As I cause a phenomenal amount of hidden wealth to bubble up from My secret hiding place.  This is only the beginning of the best of the best!


A miracle of your dreams will come to be, as the endless sea scatters My gifts before you like drops of water that sparkle like diamonds. All at once, there will be a great release, as the individual waves mount up to wash over you in blessings. 


It will provoke a whirlwind of happiness that will only grow and intensity to immense amounts. You are about to witness the reward that comes from taking refuge in Me–and it will be more than you are prepared to encounter, I can tell you that much!


Be ready for Me to suddenly to sweep you off of your feet, as I adorn you with a sea of unfathomable treasures of My personal love. All around you, each moment will be more beautiful than the last–and I will show you it all together. 




Scribed by Dannette



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