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Release into Peace



Storms are a part of life that we all face at one time or another. Not every day is perfect and there are moments when we, as humans, are faced with weakness or troubles. In the physical, the storm can bring howling winds that whistle, or waves that roar and rage.

The thunder cracks with a terrifying sound and when the sky lights up with lightening, it can be startling at times. Like a violent storm in our outside world, our inner world can go through extreme weather changes too.

Winds of threatening situations can squeal like a tornado ripping over the land, the waves can beat us up emotionally of worrisome things that could be done or fearful outcomes happening.

It is uncomfortable to go through a storm in the spiritual realm, because sometimes the threats that come against us could cause devastating results.

One thing that I have noticed, is a storm often rages just before a big blessing shows up. It can come just before we are promoted into a better place, or before something wonderful happens.

I am going to be really vulnerable to share that I have been in a storm this week. Like the winds howling of bad things that could come, as the rain of other threatening situations came against me at the same time.

There were all these situations piling up, and it was getting overwhelming to bear. The fears of all of these situations going wrong were too much to handle, and I knew I had to release the weight to God to take over.

I have a really unusual way of unloading my worries to God, because I need to feel the release that comes when it is completely laid down. When I just mentally or verbally give Him those worries or fears, it is not enough for me.

It is just where I am at, and God understands. I haven’t yet reached the level of faith to feel the full release of the the storm in those simple ways yet. For me, I need to type it out as a release–I guess I am a writer at heart.

I feel a release when I type out my burdens to God on the computer, because what I have been carrying on my mind is transferred into another vessel, the computer. I like to use the computer, because after I have felt the full release of the fears, then I delete what I wrote as a way of letting go of those fears completely.

The weird thing that I do, I use a secret language that that I made with God to tell Him my fears, so that I can be cryptic from anyone reading those thoughts.

Sometimes I do a “sloppy drunk” kind of release. I don’t actually get drunk lol. But I close my eyes and I type out the pain that I am experiencing to God. I can’t type as good with my eyes closed, so the words don’t end up being readable.

I call it a sloppy drunk prayer because I usually have tears pouring out of my eyes as I am typing, and my words fall out so fast that they are out of order. That kind is reserved for the worst kind of grief–and the most agonizing pain from those fears of bad outcomes.

The beauty is what happens after there is a full release. It is like the storm suddenly clears, and a rainbow spills through the air. I have peace—and I know that God has heard my prayers and sorrows.

There is something powerful that happens when we get to the point of a release of peace. Hannah had that kind of lamenting prayer, when she was so troubled with anguish in her soul, when wanting a baby.

Eli thought that she was drunk, because she was weeping uncontrollably as she laid her pain before God. It is beautiful, because she felt the release of peace. After the weight of her burdens were transferred over to God, she arose happy and at peace, because she knew God heard her.

God granted Hannah’s petitions and that is how we know that she transferred the weight of her agony over to God.

God calmed the storm as soon as there was a release and the release brought the peace that she needed to move forward.

If you find yourself in a storm, do whatever it takes to find the release that brings the peace. Whether you need to write it, record it, speak it, think it…whichever works for you. Just give the weight of your storm to God, and He will uphold you and care for every detail with the deepest concern. 

It is after the release, that the miracle happens. It is after the release the peace calms the storm and God’s love quiets it to a whisper. It is the very best comfort as well. 

It is the release that brings peace and fulfillment. It is in the letting go that causes everything to change and the rainbow to show up with full beauty. Plus…it’s the best feeling in the world–the peace.

Place your storm into God’s hands and watch how He calms the storm to a whisper to comfort you with His ever-present love. Remember….there is always beauty after the storm and the sun will shine once again. 


Sending you love, 




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