Love Letters

Finally…something BIG!

A love letter from the Father


O, grieving heart, cheer up and look at what is coming. Although you have had to travel through a low place, you’ll be generously comforted very shortly. The momentarily suffering will only make this next surprise feel even better. 


Take a deep breath, My most valuable treasure, soon you will be sipping from an overflow of hidden wealth as I refill you with My inexhaustible provisions. All of your troubles are about to instantly melt away, like clear blue water washing over the burning hot sand. 


Be at peace, My darling little one, I am fully aware of the troubles that have hemmed you in. This time of being stuck between a  rock and a hard place will become the doorway to the most phenomenal amount of My favor and increase.


You can rest assured, most beautiful soul, that I will show up and take care of you to honor My vows. I will do as I have promised, and I will lift you back up to where you belong. 


I know what is going on, and I have a plan to set you above all that was intended to take you down. Trust in My plans and know that I will give you just what you hope for. You can breathe now, My dear, everything will be better than before. 


My glory is going to overthrow the attacks against you. Just wait with heavy hopes in the arrival of My present salvation. This is the moment of your rescue–and I will show you just how much you are loved and cared for!


Don’t look at the crisis before you, there is more of My promised support to come–as I give you a myriad of gifts and bundles of pure joy. Take heart, My beloved child, I will give you the outcome that you will love and not what you fear could take place. 


Be strong with hope, dear heart, and refuse to give a bad outcome a second thought. I have carried you all of this way and I will not leave you wanting now. Rather you are about to enter the love experience of a lifetime! 


Like the captivating secret waters of the Melissani cave that was formed formed from the dissolution of rocks creating hollow places, I will use this place of your deep anguish from attacks to be one of the finest blessings that you have ever seen. 


This time is not like you think it is, and it is nothing like the impoverished paths that you once traveled through. Rather this is like the hidden route of walking through a low and narrow tunnel that leads to a cave of unlimited abundance. 


Truly you will walk out of this time completely unashamed as I stick up for you devotedly and honor your name. You will see your whole life washed in the sunshine of My prized blessings. 


Instead of being seized with dread, you’ll kick your feet up with overwhelming confidence again! Just relax, I have got you covered! You won’t need to worry about a thing, instead you will see that I have made you a magnet for blessings. 


Just as the collapsing of the ceiling of the Melissani Cave is what revealed the secret blue oasis water inside, the assaults against you during this time has only increased My prosperity into your life. 


Remember who I am, chosen one. I am the One who raises up and the One who lowers down. I will bring you wealth beyond your wildest dreams, as those who tried to hurt you are cast down into unbearable shame. 


Nothing can revoke My promise for your life and there is no power that can separate you from My loving-kindness. I am restoring you now, My precious child. I am putting you back into the high place where I have always intended for you be at all times. 


I have sculpted your world to reflect the beauty of My love for you. I am revealing the masterpiece of My love etched design, and I am inscribing your name into the stars to always lovingly shine. 


I have laid out your foundations to be secure in My protective love and endless riches. I will protectively care for all of your needs, as I help you through this step by step. 


Your enemies are about to see that there was a dire cost that came touching a single part of your cherished life. Vengeance comes from Me–and I am very defensively making things right. 


Beloved and beautiful one–get ready to be swept off of your feet and placed in the uttermost heights of My most favorable support. New love is about to emerge unannounced–so be alert for blessings showing up as a swift surprise! 


Restless one, find the calming solace of My all-present love. I am going to reveal a treasure trove of hidden wealth that I have placed right before your eyes. I will cause your whole world to transform into a sheer symphony of light, as My promises for you emerge and take full flight. 


Like a lacustrine cave of unique beauty found within a fully developed cave, I am taking you to a place where My love depths for you can be truly explored. Every fear will fade as the dreams that I have given to you completely take shape. 


Prepare to be overwhelmed as a gift from Me. Finally…something BIG is being delivered to absorb your tears and wipe away the pain that you have endured. 



Scribed by Dannette

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