Love Letters

Prepare to be Awestruck

A love letter from Jesus



Oh, My lovely bride, I won’t let you down nor will I forget you in this place of emergency. Don’t panic, precious heart. I won’t allow you to get hurt or suffer as you once have. Things are different this time, you can trust it. 


Remember, My dear, I am Safe Harbor to hide you from attacks and a dependable Refuge that you can rely on. Hold your head up, beautiful bride, and don’t expect to endure the dangers that you see ahead. I will be your mighty Champion to help! 


The clouds will suddenly part, as My glorious light pours through. I will be there in the nick of time to save you from this critical place with My all-present rescue. 


I will drive out those who have been against you, as I put My all-powerful glory on display to treat you with love-filled blessings. 


Take a big deep breath, My loveliest one, and trust Me as though you have never been hurt at all before this. I have covered you with the mountain of My protective support–and I will throw a feast for you in the presence of those who seek violence and harm. 


Instead of being afflicted by enemy plans, I will treat you as My royal guest as I honor you with the most lavish blessings that you have ever had. 


Rather than suffering from famine and lack, you will be heaped up with the finest foods–and I will show you My royal comforts with a seven-course feast of intentional love.


I will cover you, My dearest darling, as blessings pour out with great immensity. I am delivering you far more than you have ever seen–to cause all of your pain to quickly be relieved. 


I will be the like a swift bolt of lightning that suddenly strikes to instantly change everything. I won’t be late, so don’t worry. I know that you are trusting in Me and I will bring exactly what you are needing—and at this time when you need to be saved. 


Beloved, get ready for this, because the show is about to begin! All of the pieces are in the perfect positioning and at any moment you will see the desire that you have been promised finally fulfilled. 


Rest here beside Me, as I carefully cover your needs and personally feed you with a golden spoon. You will savor this moment, as My glory is revealed, and I will leave you awestruck as My power passes through to lift you into a place that seems too good to be true. 




Scribed by Dannette



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