Love Letters

Early Season of Gold

A love letter from Jesus

Dear heart, even though you are in a new place and under different circumstances, My promise to you has not changed or been removed. Although this time may seem similar to the struggles of before–I can assure you that this time will seem like a dream coming true. 


May I remind you, My bride, that I will be the Source of power to bring out the beauty of all that you have been dreaming to see. I am perfectly capable of providing all that you need–and causing your prayers to be a true reality. 


My beloved bride, you are rooted in Me, so there is no need to panic or worry. I will not forget you or leave you wanting. 


Even when everything seems turned upside-down, and if it feels like the whole world has been moving against you, My love will endure and stay unshakeable in every moment. 


My loveliest dove, even if you cannot see how to survive or if you are unsure if you can weather the storms, you are rooted into My promise–and nothing can take My love vows away from upholding you through it all. 


Our roots are intertwined and you are filled with all that is within Me. Have no fears, dearest darling, there is more power coming out for you to cause you to overflow with unbreakable blessings. 


Inhale the scent of My love all around you–and remind yourself to breathe. My promise will never fail to support you and I will never remove My strong hold over your life. 


I will always stay beside you–and the wind cannot shake you away. Allow Me to soothe your mind, as My love moves close to nourish you with comfort. Remember where you came from My dear, and know where you are going. 


There is no power or person that has the power to remove My blessing over your life. Nothing can separate you from My love or distance My power from flowing to your needs. 


I will be your stable support to keep you grounded–even through the storms. Allow yourself to rest into My love, as your roots sink deeper as I raise you up high. 


You will extend up to the succulent sky, as your roots stay unmovable in My promises. I am the One who sustains you and nothing can take that from you. There is no force that can prevent the growth that I have appointed to you, or the power of My presence from flowing through you. 


I will cradle you through this time and keep you safe. You’ll be crowned in My loving-kindness as My generosity drips over you like sap from the wound of a tree. 


Just as the sweet sap of a maple tree is the lifeblood of the tree to cause new leaves to grow, and send the nutrients to other parts, My love will meet you in the place of your needs. Truly, this will be the sweetest relief and alleviation of all pain. 


Rise from the ashes, My pure-hearted one. This is your revival from the hardship and a new beginning of awakened love. Let yourself believe that something wonderful will be done, as you shine with faith to expect and hope for the very best results. 


This is your time to rise into honor–as I fulfill what I have proclaimed would be done. My glorious brilliance is rising over you, as I show Myself to you as your Savior who loves you so much. 


You are being elevated in a spectacular way, as I speak My Sovereign name over your life. Many will be drawn to know about you, as they see that I have chosen you and set you apart. 


Although it was uncomfortable to endure, the difficulties have helped you to prosper. And now watch as I cause you to be elevated from the lowly place from where you started. 


This is nothing like the times of lowness that you have known before. Instead of dreadful things being done, you’ll be overly satisfied by the banquet of My generous love support. The blessings will keep coming–even after you are full.


Let’s get things moving as you believe by faith, like warming up the air to bring out an early maple season. The spring melt causes the sweet sap to be released–and it will be unstoppable once it comes. 


Receiving by faith begins with a feeling, so move beyond what you see and trust that what I have promised is coming at any moment. Like sap pouring out of a tree’s crevices and cracks, I will cause unfailing blessings to pour out in unimaginable amounts. 


Imagine that it has already come, and embrace the happiness that this prophetic promise has brought. Take a deep breath and inhale the abundance of water in the air–and trust Me when I say–I would never let you down. 


A gold rush is coming to the surface, as I reward you for the tests that your faith has been through. As you see it emerge, it will be such a radiant moment and the feeling will be indescribable with joy. 


I am causing you to see an early harvest of gold, like a spring melt that causes the sweet sap to pour out. An abundance of wealth will be brought to you and the secret hordes of the nations will come to your door. 


Although you had a bitter start, this time will finish as the sweetest of all. I am transforming the barren days of warfare into a time of the best comforts to love. Be worry-free as you trust in Me to deliver it all. 


I have stored up more than you will ever need, My beloved heart, and the blessings will spill out effortlessly like sap from a maple. 


Those who criticized you before will begin taking notes to follow your story. I will command honor over your name, as I reward you with tangible results from your deep–rooted trust in My heart. 


You are rising up, My dear, like a tree that reaches towards the sky. The early season of gold is here, as I bring you a moment of breakthrough that begins with liquid gold flowing out. 


An early season of gold is opening to you–and it will be far worth the difficulties that have had to endure. Expect the unexpected to occur, as the gold rewards start flowing freely, like golden sap flowing from the trees. 


Expect to take a sweet retreat as I lift you above the low places where you have walked. This will be really, really wonderful news–I promise you’ve never tasted anything so good ever before! 


Scribed by Dannette



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