Love Letters

Changes in an Abundance

A love letter from the Father



Easy now, My dear little one, you have nothing to fear. I know all about your needs and I will take care of you and your children. 


When you are hanging by a thread or traveling through thin air, I will be there. Don’t be afraid, My beloved child, I am the One who got you started and I will carry you all of the way to where I promised that you would go. 


I know the exact number of hairs on your head–and I also know about every need that you have. I have engineered a plan to take your breath away! I will surely deliver My provisions of help–so don’t worry about suffering or going without.


You will be pleasantly surprised to find that all of your concerns are met before the deadlines. My dear, breathe…no more will travel in reverse or go back to the times of unbearable hardships. 


I am leading your footsteps into a path of overwhelming blessings and I will bathe you in the delight of fulfilled heart longings. It’s going to be alright, My beloved one, and you will forget the troubles that you have had to face. 


Instead of crying out in anguish from your needs–you’ll be filled with Heavenly resources coming straight from Me. You’ll sit back and take it easy, as I comfort you from the pain of bare survival. 


I will cause your days to be poetry in motion of Divine love expressed by Me. Instead of walking through the gravel of low lying paths, you’ll be floating through the high places of the earth, with My blessings chasing you down at every corner and turn. 


The story line is about to change, as I stir up the sea to deliver waves of abundant blessings. Instead of the bitterness of groaning, you’ll be singing the sweetest songs as you encounter the indescribable wonders of My supportive love flowing endlessly. 


Things will only get better from here. I have heard your sighs and carried your tears. I have redeemed you from the place of lack and need–a big financial release is coming to change everything. That’s how much I love you! 


I am opening a very grand door that will cause your life to look–as it is above in Heaven, and so below it will follow. No more will you lament with anguish or weep over the necessities that you need to be covered. 


My dearest darling, be fearless to know that everything will be provided for you at just the right time. I am with you! I will make sure that you have plenty of everything and it will all come before you are ready. 


I am going to do exactly what I have promised–even down to the exact detail. Forget about how impossible it seems at this time, because I am going to cause it to show up in a way that you didn’t see it how it came and you won’t know how it arrives. 


Beloved, you can count on this–I’ll take care of you completely and you’ll be lavishly rich. I will carefully cover every need, and you won’t want or desire for a thing! The oceans of My strong support will billow up, and hidden wealth will come to you–as effortless as water pouring out. 


Like choreographed tides that rise up more and more–I will bring the bounty of My abundance to you, as My goodness falls like sweet honey drops from the clouds above you. 


I will unveil the secret sources of My hideouts and I will direct you to the hidden treasures that I have been talking about. Hidden gems will fill your hands and I will reveal the secret riches stored way up in the skies! 


My darling, things are different now than what they have been. Even though you cannot see it yet, you have moved into a place of mesmerizing beauty. I will lavish you with faith rewards, as I pile you up with huge amounts of gold gleaming. 


Expect to be blessed beyond reason–and in a way that you didn’t see coming. You will live off of My generous change of abundance–as I load you up with gift, after gift, after gift. 


I will personally take you to collect from My hidden deposits deep in the ocean. You’ll be feasting on more than you can dream, as I provide for you from the dense foliage of kelp gardens and underwater vegetation.


Truly, you will be amazed at what I uncover, as I open up a support system that is beautiful and complex. You’ll be comforted in the bliss of My unwavering love, like sea grass that sways rhythmically in the water tides like a romantic dance. 


I will cool you from the pressures and heat with My immense relief, as I hold you up and sustain you with a continuous source of seeing more than you knew could ever be! Like the ocean that is always moving, you’ll be relieved with My support coming to you generously in motion. 


Like giant kelp plants and sea grass that grows on the rocky bottom of the ocean, you will see for yourself that nothing can stop My love vows to provide for you in overflowing amounts. I will show you the ancient places deep in the sea–where you can feast on the support of My unchanging ways. 


My promises will bloom like sea flowers–and it will seem too soon and so unreal. I will cause you to easily reach the sea bed of abundant stashes of hidden wealth–while others are still trying to figure it out. 


I’ll lead you to buried treasures, secret caches of valuables—you’ll be delighted by the underwater meadows of plentiful surplus as the waves disperse glittering gems right to your hands. 


The sound of the birds will be music to your ears, as I cause you to haul in shimmering grape agates and translucent shining diamonds that appear in the sand.


The violet amethyst geodes will dazzle before your eyes, as what looks like only a rock has a surprise glittering gem inside! 


Beloved, travel with grace knowing that you are protected and covered by My supportive love. Just relax in My care and expect it all to arrive. Certainly, I will load you up with provisions to cover all of your needs and the size of My gifts will be completely breathtaking to see. 


From the pain that you have endured, blessings are coming back to settle the score. When the enemy comes against you like a flood–I will bless you so much more! Changes in an abundance are about to arrive, as I show up with a spectacular jeweled surprise. 


Dear heart, don’t worry about how, just trust Me to deliver and cause you to be wowed. You’ll be seated in the lap of luxury–instead of the low places of suffering. My child, I will be your personal treasure–so anticipate more wealth than you can imagine coming from Me. This is a time that changes everything…



Scribed by Dannette



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