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The Fire is a Gift


For more than a week, I have been going through some seriously hot fires. We have had to move around a little bit and the pressures of seeing my promises fulfilled were pushed to the limit. 


I honestly got into situations where I could not even believe that we could survive another day. There was no possible way to get through and I thought those enemy flames were going to burn me alive. 


Yet God, in His Glory, came through and rescued me time and time again. He made good on His word over and over and rescued us–even up the last minute. I plan to share the details of it all eventually, but I sense God having me hold onto the miracle testimonies for a little while longer for something much bigger. 


During the intensity and pain of walking through the fires of heat and incredible pressure, I had some “not so lovely” feelings come out. Like a volcano that causes what is inside to come out, I had to deal with a lot of anger and doubt. 


I got to the point when I had to question the foundation of what I believed, because there were some very close calls, when it looked like it would be my ending. I didn’t see a way to survive and yet God still came and delivered the rescue that I was needing. 


I sat in a puddle of tears and resentment and I wanted to give up on it all. It was too much. There were too many “close calls” and too many “last minute pressures” just before the miracles would come. 


I was crying out to the Lord in anguish about “why” He took me through this level of intense heat and pressures again, because it felt almost like the beginning. I was getting sick to myself, because it also brought up some bad feelings about the trauma of walking through what I had to endure the first several years of this journey. 


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Then the Lord had me do a Personal Prophetic Love Letter for someone else who had just gone through really harsh flames and it was about the sequoia trees. God showed me through that letter, that the hard times were not for punishment but to add even more goodness to my life. 


Instead of explaining it all to you myself, I will allow the words fo the Lord to speak about it from a small clip of the love letter. 


“Like a giant sequoia that has been born from the fire, the beauty of your destiny is exploding like nothing you have ever seen. 


It’s true, My treasured one! Like the sequoia, you have been born from the flames, and what was intended to harm you has become your greatest blessing. 


I used the storms that have endured to bless you and increase your status. There was a reason for the times of anguish, and now you are being repaid for the hard places that you have traveled. 


Some of your promises are coming to the surface, like pine cones that hold sequoia seeds, but can only be activated from the outside pressures of fire and heat. 


Just as the fire heats the soil and prepares for the germination of more sequoias, the fires of your faith under pressure have helped you to receive even better


Look up, My darling child. Things just got much easier! The moisture has returned from after the flames, and the comforts of My generous love are accumulating again. 


It will be a time of pure wonder, as you gaze from the new view at the top and brush your fingers against the new breathtaking radiance of My love–like a towering Redwood’s impressively robust bark. 


Instead of the chaos of fire survival, you’ll be drenched in the rich comforts of tranquil and ambient sounds in a place where no more worry or struggling is found.


If you are going through the flames, it does not mean that you are doing something wrong, but rather it is a place where you receive the blessings that are only found in the fire. It is the birthing place of your highest destiny and the place where the hidden water comes out to change your life. 


From the testing of your faith, you will receive back the double gold rewards of your perseverance and faith. It also means that you are about to step into something really, really huge! 


If you have ever seen pictures of sequoia trees—they are massive. The presence of the heat and pressure is just a tell tale sign of the magnificent increase that you are stepping into and how tremendously huge your calling is! 


The fiery trial is a sign of breakthrough, because there are some “seeds” that need the fire and heat in order to break through to the massive seeds protected by the indestructible cones. 


Remember, the fire is only short to endure, but the immense rewards that you receive at the end will last a lifetime! You will look back and be so happy that God took you through the more difficult path, because that is the very place where your destined promise comes out. 


Walking through the fires is a gift and remember that God will hold you safe from getting hurt as you walk along. You will not be burnt, but you will be lavishly rewarded and blessed! 


If you would like to get on the list for a Personal Prophetic Love Letter, please follow the link below. They do take a little bit of time–especially because I have been traveling with God for the summer months–but I am positive that they will be worth every second of the wait! It is seriously like Christmas to me every time I receive a prophetic letter for someone else. I am always so excited to unwrap what God sends!


I love you too much and I pray that if you are in a season of walking through the heat–that God would surprise you with the hidden refreshments that will make your journey full of His comforting love. 


God bless you! 




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