Love Letters

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A love letter from the Father

Beautiful child, although the pain of being restricted has been unbearable to endure, I am opening up an increase and an expansion to give you the freedom that you need to move. Expect a Divine release as I open a door that changes everything.

Like a pearly nautilus that creates barriers by closing off the old, smaller compartments-begin to move into the new that I have promised, by faith in advance–until you see it open before you as materialized results.

Increase your limit, as you believe for the best. Tell yourself that you already have what you need, because the flesh of the mind will have whatever it believes. Put your faith in good things and believe for the best. Have faith, My cherished one and take the limits off of what can be done.

Beloved, what you tell yourself can change everything in a moment. So tell yourself that this promise is already done and then keep believing in My ever-present love to show up with the fulfillment. Tell yourself to trust in My promise and that I would never let you go or forget to help you.

Just a rare and glorious pearly nautilus grows into increasingly larger chambers throughout its life, you are also growing and expanding into the abundance from Me. My dear, plan to always move into better, as I continue to enlarge your territory with My lavish comforts.

Expect to see an expansion coming to surface, as the new beginning that I have prepared opens up to meet you head first. Beloved, you have outgrown the small and lowly places where you have been, and it is time to move into the honorable places that I have promised to give.

Increase into more, as you put the past behind you and open up to the opulent life that you have been dreaming of. Move by faith, My shining one, and trust in My love to meet you with the fulfillment.

My dear, you have grown too large for such a low place, therefore I am increasing you into something that will seem too big to enter at first. Trust where I am placing you and don’t be intimidated by the vastness of how it looks.

You are a mother of promise–don’t forget how far you have come. You are far more ready than you think and you have amazing gifts that no one else has seen or witnessed.

My love, you are expanding here and now. Expect the unexpected to suddenly open up, My dearest Friend! Trust Me to protect you as you move into the person that you have dreamed to become.

It is time to occupy a much larger space, so put the past memories away as you push yourself into the new. Don’t look back, loveliest one, but keep your eyes on Me and trust in My all-powerful love, as you push every doubt out of your mind.

The place that was once barren and dry is filling up with the abundance of the warm sea and soothing sunshine. The affliction and anguish that you have faced from being confined is coming back to you as rivers of pearls, rubies, and glittering gold that shines.

Let no one hold you against your will and expect to get away with it. I am bringing you the justice that you deserve and the freedom that you have craved for some time. Instead of the tear soaked pillows and loneliness of the night, your world will be adorned with the iridescent beauty of mother-of-pearl radiance that lasts a lifetime.

Cover My vows in your mind, like a shimmering nacre that covers a nautilus shell to protect it from cracks. My words are like tangible diamonds in your life, just as nacre is composed of diamond shaped crystals that stack up like bricks and cause the surface to shimmer with unbreakable strength.

I will cause you to expand into the radiance that you have been promised, as I cause you to occupy My beauty like glittering nacre’s strong inner structure.

The pain that you have endured from birthing this promise is coming back to you as breathtaking Osmeña pearls. I will show you a whole new world, My dearest darling, as I take you into places that you have only dreamed to have.

Dear heart, leave it to Me to do super-abundantly beyond all you can dream or think about. I’ll do all you could want or ask! And now, My lovely child, I am giving you the breathing room that you have been longing to have.

You’ll finally be able to relax, as My blessings pour into your hands. You are always in a safe house of My intentional love and you will continue to grow into better than the best!

You can plan to see the end of this affliction, My heart, as I open up the freedom that I have been telling you about. I will love you in more ways than you can count–you’ll be blessed and increased by My comforting love.

My sweet little one, don’t get comfortable with this new and copious expansion, there is much much more coming out! You haven’t even seen anything that I have planned to give, so just keep confident as you move ahead.

Scribed by Dannette Ward

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