Love Letters

Things are not how they look at this time

A love letter from the Father



Beloved, no more singing the blues over this situation. Things are not as they look at this time. My dear, appearances can be deceiving. Soon you will see that these blues are not sad at all, but this is the secret place where the tremendous blessings have been secretly stored away. 


Just watch, My child. Like blue java bananas that are blue on the surface, but taste like delicious vanilla ice cream within, everything is about to change to be much better than you think! 


Instead of singing the blues, you’ll taste the sweetest joy that follows the suffering that you have endured. Everything has already changed, and unimaginable blessings are headed your way. 


I have set this time apart to give you a comforting time to treat yourself and indulge. There is nothing blue about it, so don’t believe those negative thoughts or worries that come against My promises. 


Don’t be afraid to have high hopes, I will surely show up to comfort your blues away. From the stem of your hopeful thoughts, a surprise bundle of sweet banana flowers will arise. I will satisfy your sweet tooth and take away the bitter pain that you have had. 


Tune your attention to My promises and have the limitless faith of a trusting child. Remember, My darling, the focus that you give is what magnifies your faith and illuminates your life. 


My promise will do exactly as I said and it will far surpass any trouble that you have had. Just as rain and snow descend from the skies and don’t go back until they’ve watered the earth, So will the words that come out of My mouth, they will not come back empty-handed.


Beautiful heart, you have more power than you think, My child. I have given you the power of faith to receive anything with unlimited possibilities. Imagine that every thought you have, every word you speak, and everything that you dream comes to you as a materialized thing. 


Chosen one, build up your faith with your thoughts, and believe that better is coming out. I will cause My marvelous promises to come to fruition with blessings so rich that they melt in your mouth. 


Anything and everything is possible. Yes, My beloved, especially miracles! At any moment, the sleeping seeds will burst into life. You’ll be savoring the indulgence so rich, like blue bananas that taste like vanilla ice cream! 


Plan for Me to rescue you and help you over the opposition that you have faced. Oh, I will comfort you! You’ll feel My love wrapped around you, as I hold you tight and remove the hardships and pain. 


Everything will look just like I promised and I will open up the freedom for you to live just as you want. I am taking away the desert-like conditions, and bringing you into My lavish places with all comforts provided. 


This time will be suddenly transformed into a dazzling experience, as hidden wealth comes bubbling up from secret sources. You’ll enter into a whole new way of life and I will cause those who know about your journey to be exuberant with applause! 


Against all odds, you will become an overnight success. I will place you in the presence of the most prestigious of the earth and I will reveal that you are one that I have honored and chosen. Then everyone will know that I have saved you–and it was by My glory that you prospered the way that you have. 


Treasured one, the tide has turned to radically bless you and the battles that have been against you are finally over. The release is coming out to deliver bundles of comfort with an ever-increasing sweetness that removes all restrictions and limits. 


I am making things easy for you, and you will enter into a sudden success that changes everything. Things are not how they look at this time. Instead of struggles and affliction, you’ll be delighted with the release of sweet fulfillment! 


Something unfathomably beautiful is about to come. Endless goodness is emerging. Expect something exceedingly wonderful to happen, something that will completely take your blues away–once and for all–My cherished little darling. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward




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