Love Letters

One thing will be fulfilled right after the next

A love letter from the Father



Calm your thoughts, My child, and dry your eyes. I always know what is before you and the seriousness of the situations that you are facing. 


Breathe, My dear one, and remember how far I have carried you and all of the good things that I promised to do. I won’t be late, My cherished child, I promise. 


Everything is going to turn out to be perfectly fine, there will be no harm done to you or those that you love during this time. Beloved, I knew what you would need long before you arrived at this moment. 


I am here to support you, trust Me to be there for you. Darling child, don’t doubt My ability to supply you with all that you are needing. Without fear of the future, trust Me to provide for all that is ahead and before you you need it. 


Find peace in My prophetic promise, dear heart. There is nothing that can stop the fulfillment from coming. My rescue for you has been prearranged, like shimmering stars that radiate through the expanse of darkness. 


When you gaze up at the shimmering stars in the sky, you are traveling into the past because of the finite speed of light of when the illumination happened. Rest in knowing that your needs are already covered and the rescue has already been planned out to be perfect. 


Like sparkly stars taking you back in time, remember what I have promised to do and how I revealed My plans for you to see with an unaided eye. Every detail has been covered, so don’t listen to the worries that lie with threats of bad things happening to you.


Remember, most beautiful child, the battle is Mine and I have already overcome the opposition for all time. I will suddenly calm the stormy waters and bring peace to the long season of chaos. 


The wars against you will be no more and instead of struggle and heartache, you’ll be comforted with double for your troubles. I only allowed the momentary rise of battles against you, so that I could show you My glory through this spectacular rescue. 


Precious one, there is nothing to be worried about. You are going to better places, as I open a land of pure happiness. I am increasing you into a lavish indulgence, as I remake your experience of traveling in My rich comforts. 


I will continue to pour out plentiful streams of riches that never go dry. You–My loveliest one–are a conduit of an abundance starting now. 


Watch and get ready to see the immeasurable things that I do! I have private caches of riches reserved for you–and it is far greater than anything that you have ever had or hoped to have at any time. 


You’ll see with the wonders of My creative power, as I reveal My love through a light show that is far beyond anything that you have known. I’ll cause diamonds to dance in the sky, as I lift you out of the dust where you have traveled. 


You’ll rise up like a rocket in space, as I reveal the unsurpassable elegance of a brand-new day. 


I’ll show you uncommon miracles that seem so unreal, as you behold the glittering reflections of the nebula, the breathtaking pillars of creation, and the glowing and swirling spiral galaxy–the most beautiful of all kinds. 


I will captivate you with a brighter light show than a supernova and with more glowing radiance than a florescent pink emission nebula. The prophetic promises that I made are coming closer than you realize. 


Although you may have given up on what was prophesied to you, like the light of a star that is viewed from the past, it is already established and coming true. And now I have told you before it happens so that when it does happen, you will believe.


No matter how it feels, I would never forget you or fail to do as I have promised. Soon you will see that the prophesied moment was right before you, like the hidden infrared light that secretly travels through the dusty wisps in galactic places. 


Everything will finally look just as I promised you. My glorious light is flooding your life and making everything endlessly beautiful and right for you!


My darling one, don’t expect to suffer one moment, but rather be prepared to become head over heels in love with tangible promises. Surely, I will do the indescribable for you–as I uncover the magnificence of My intentional love for you in motion. 


One thing will be fulfilled right after the next, shimmering into pure goodness, like the breathtaking view of countless dazzling stars in a globular cluster. 


Instead of being stuck at the bottom, you will be seated at the top. Rather than being buried in dust and sand, you’ll be building castles of glittering diamonds and shimmering stars. 


I will put on a vivid display of beauty for you during this time, as I cause My promises to become tangible right before your eyes! 


I will reveal shimmering light, unlike anything that you have ever encountered, as My promises come to the surface and into a fulfillment that feels like a dream come true. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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