Love Letters

Now you will see what you have hoped

A love letter from Jesus


Don’t worry, My bride, everything is going turn out just as you hope it to. Like one who has been deeply injured, I am pulling you close to show you My compassion with extra layers of comfort. 


You may rest easy, My darling heart, you have nothing to fear. I will do everything that you ask or hope. Become hopeful My dear, you will be instantly relieved of the affliction and I will give you rest from the source of your anguish. 


My dove, I vow to always take care of you and to support you with the generosity of My never-ending wealth. Like a marriage of two hearts intertwined into a union of one, choose to attach to My vows and let them settle over every uncertainty in your heart. 


Commit to love, My darling, and trust in Me to always honor My vows. I am your Groom—who is always inseparable from you! I am interlaced into all that you are and there is never a moment that we are ever apart. 


Beloved, I am a place of solace for you, where you can be relieved of the pain of all that you have been through. With Me, you will always have comfort, rest, and plentiful provisions. There is never a need for you to stress about how you will survive your present situation. 


I won’t hurt you or those who you care about. You can trust Me to care for you with the deepest concern at all times. I could never forget you, My beautiful one, regardless of others who have. 


You are engraved upon My heart and I am always with you. Like a marriage where two are bound together as one, you are no longer separated or isolated from where I am. 


I am always with you, My tender one, and I hear every word that you express. I am not far away, rather I am dancing throughout each of your thoughts. I know what you need, far before you do. I have already prepared what you need in advance so that you would not suffer or be without. 


My vow to always love and support you will never change or fade into the distance. I won’t leave you or abandon you like those in the past. When I made you My vows of love and support, they are always and forever yours to depend on. 


Lean on Me for all things and rest in the security that I bring. My love for you is unconditional, so cast those feelings of guilt and shame out. There is no need to feel bad anymore, My treasure, I have already compensated for every error and lack of judgment. 


My love is freedom from what you fear and freedom from punishment. Thinking about fear is a denial of My love and ignorance about who I am for you. Cease to believe in what you fear, and you will be free from those fears being done. 


Put faith in your hopes as you draw up pools of relief to cover your needs. Trust that I have heard you and start expecting the fulfillment of what you hope to be done. 


The word hope means “attachment”. Your hope in My word is attached to the promise. Keep trusting in Me, fix your heart on My promises and your soul will be secure with relief. 


Be full of hope as you attach your thoughts to a confident expectation in the waiting–and I will exceed all of your expectations. Without a single worry, allow your faith to rest on the authority of My promise as you prepare for the floods of love support to freely flow out. 


Claim for yourself how you hope things to be. Expect what you hope for to arrive with certainty and the fulfillment of your hopes is what you will see. Except it, believe it, and celebrate in the fulfillment. 


With lavish provisions and soul-smiling elation, you will be bathed in the continuous streams of quenching comfort and relief. My love support will completely consume every misery and agonizing trouble. 


My dear, you will be surprised by how quickly your hopes happen for you! I can change everything in a moment–in the twinkle of an eye–all things will come perfectly together. 


My loveliest one, forget about all of the suffering that you have had until now. Now you will no longer go without your needs being covered or feel the pain that comes from difficulty and drought. 


Now I am holding every detail of your life in My love. Now we are interwoven as one, as a love that has fully come together in a perfect union. Everything will turn out even better than you hope–and it will only get better and better from here on out. 


Now you will no longer feel the discomforts that come without a home, because, as your Husband, I will be your home forever. Now you will see what you have hoped for coming out––and it will be so much better than you imagined or thought about! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward



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