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Follow Me Through the Aspen Trees


For a few weeks now. God has had me quietly walking through my next book. Like the first book, it is full of last minute rescues, facing really challenging obstacles, and experiencing His incredible and miracle love in action. 


Until now, God has had me keep so many of the stories to myself and a few close friends, because He was having me walk through it first and then write about it later in the book. 


To catch those who do not know about my story, I took a massive leap of faith and followed God nearly 6 years ago when I was faced with being homeless. God had me book a hotel room in a city and state where I didn’t know anyone. 


I had no one to help me and I had no vehicle either. Before leaving, God gave me the promise to be our Home and our support for the entire journey and He said that He would help us through the work on my blog. 


The requirement from me was to share my stories openly with you and to be very transparent in all that I went through. That part was a struggle for me because I am naturally more quiet and private. 


I put all the experiences in a book called, “Naked Wings’ ‘ and that is on my website at 


Now I am in a new place and time. God said that the waves roaring against our survival were much stronger this time because we are finally at the end of our journey. 


That means, that sometime throughout this really difficult time, that God would open up our own home that He promised and that I could finally rest from all of the chaos and challenges of surviving by sheer faith and love from God. 


We have moved several times in the past few weeks and it has been scary and wonderful. I have had to face many fears, like money showing up to cover our stays at the last minute and not knowing how God would save us in time. 



During the most recent move, God led us to a room that had gold table cloths and He started to talk to me about gold. I was doing a treasure mapping for someone and there was gold that I had to learn about for her. 


The Lord showed me that the gold is found at the lowest places of a stream, where there is an obstruction, like a large rock that blocks the water. Because gold is so heavy, it sinks to the lowest possible point. 


Much like the gold, God has been taking me through very low and difficult challenges, in order to find the gold that He has for me. It has been very painful at times and extremely humbling. 


It has also been full of seeing the tangible love of God through so many rescues, wonders, and miracles. I would be lying if I did not say that it is equally exhaustive and draining to move so often and not know how God will save us through each passing day. 


The other night I was doing some research for someone’s treasure mapping and I had to learn about the aspen trees. God showed me that the Greek name of Aspen is “shield” and that they used to form shields out of the aspen trees that the ancient people believed would protect the buried treasure from being taken away or stolen. 


Then very early the next morning, God woke me up and He said, “follow me through the aspen trees to the place of tangible hopes”.


That morning we were scheduled to check out of our room and I had no idea where we would go or even how I would pay for it. 


Just after God spoke that to me, I awoke to see that I received some money in my account. After filling up the car with gas, God told me to follow Him to a whole different state, where once again, I didn’t know anyone. 


So we drove to a different state altogether and after all was said and done, I had enough money for one night in a hotel. When we got to the room, I found a coin from France on the ground in the hallway. It was just for one cent I believe, but it is symbolic of the gold treasure that God has promised to reveal. 



Then I looked up our room number meaning and in Greek it means, “to dig” or “husbandman”. I could see that God was leading us through the aspen trees of this trial to find the buried treasure that He had for us. 


That is where I am today. I am actually waiting this morning for my next rescue from God so that we can survive this trial and write all about it in the next book. I don’t know the name of the book yet, but I know it is supposed to be mainly about prayer. 


I also would like to say that I have not forgotten those who have treasure mapping or personal love letters waiting. Having to move so often and face these intensely difficult hurdles has left me less time to work on those special treasures. 


However, I am still working through them anytime that I can catch my breath without moving, praying through challenges, or facing the fears of not surviving. This part of my journey has taken all of my time, focus, and energy. 


I have already cried more in the last 2 weeks than I have in 2 years. It has been extremely difficult to go through and whatever fears or doubts I have had left in God have been forcefully pressed out by walking through such a scary trial and place of discomfort. 


If you are waiting, please know that it is coming and when you do get your letter or mapping, it will be like true gold that has come out of the refiners fire. 


I love you and if you would like to keep up on the posts that I share or bless our journey, please stop by my website to subscribe or find out more at 






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