Love Letters

And now, you are crossing over into the best you ever knew

A love letter from the Father


Stay calm, My dear, I am going to help you. This is a breathtaking moment of crossing over into the fulfillment of what you have hoped and prayed for. 


You are going through a moment of transition and change, like crossing a bridge that takes you into the beauty that was promised to be. 


I am quickly refilling the low and difficult places with generous provisions. You will no longer be trapped and unable to move forward–because I am going to fund this time with My unstoppable power. 


Dust yourself off from the pain and disappointment, as you believe again, as though nothing troublesome had ever happened. Enjoy this time for the first time–as I move around you to make everything flourishing and replenished. 


Rather than struggling, you will be comforted and soothed with a cascade of consistent blessings. Dear one, it’s time to rest. Fall into the promises that I have given, as I give you a bed of rose petals to rest your sleepy head on. 


I am going to deliver visible and tangible results! Everything that I have vowed on the inside is swiftly coming out. This is big news beloved, you are expanding into more magnificent blessings!


The place where your faith was stretched is the place being filled here and now. I am bringing you into a refreshing change and setting everything into a positive new motion. The hardships and battles that you have endured are being filtered out, to allow for My blessings to freely pour over. 


Breathe, rest, and feel yourself sink deep into the love of My ever-present promises. Stay in the place of My promise being done, as you find yourself deeply grounded and centered in My all-present love. 


Focus on the love that comes with every single moment and enjoy the encounters of intentional provisions. You are being set free from the struggle so that you can have rest and be at ease again. 


Shift your worries into settled trust and faith in My Omni-power to help you. Surely you will have everything that you need. It has been promised–which is a gift already given. 


My dear heart, lean into the blossoms of My promise and trust that I have every detail deeply covered. Move beyond your fears and inhale the alluring lavender blooms as I remove away the pressure and discomfort. 


Don’t be afraid, My little darling, everything is brand new for you! I will always be there for you, as a Friend who cares and comes to help. I am changing everything today! 


I will bring you into a place of rich comfort to slow things down and give you extra time to catch your breath and breathe more deeply. After the time of feeling bad, you are stepping into the comfort that I have promised you! 


You are guaranteed to succeed! I am going to do wonderful things that you have never seen! A giant wave of beauty from Me is going over your head to wash away your hurt and drench you in relief. 


Be expecting to fully experience My promises, as the fountains of My love emerge to wash away your agony and fears. My treasure, forget the pain that you have endured, as you stay in this new time only. 


Very soon you will open your eyes and behold endless blessings that gently flow into a soft and comforting pool for you. The trees of My everlasting support will block the wind of afflictions and provide you with shade from the scorching sun. 


You’ll feel the pure bliss of seeing gold leaves floating through the air, as I take you into the delightful enjoyment of experiencing childlike spontaneity with ever-flowing support. 


Keep your thoughts in a perspective of richness, without the pain of fear and worry about the next problem. You will see how I am continuously blessing you to make you feel curiously and delightfully awestruck with amazement. 


Plan to see wonderful and joyful displays of tangible hopes from Me. I will show you how much better and more captivating everything feels when it is new and full of blessings! 


Beloved, be open to what might appear at any moment and be anticipating delightful moments to come to you always! I am giving you new experiences and new memories. So have an open heart and let your mind stay in this current moment. 


Dissolve away the attitude of being separated from My promises and expect to see what I have vowed to show up at your doorstep. It’s here for you! Just celebrate the victory and don’t wander ahead with worry about the timing of things. 


Follow each step forward with Me with wonder and curiosity of constantly receiving. Have unconditional confidence in who I am for you! You never know what surprises I might have in store for you! 


Let the tiny details of wonder wash over you, like a soft rain shower on your skin and plush blankets of moss underfoot. Everything is always changing, but My promise will always remain. Nothing can ever separate you from My love and no power can remove the promises that I have given. 


Be truly captivated by the brilliance of rainbow colors emerging for you. Find joy in the intoxicating bouquet of scents, as you witness My dependable love in constant action. Every promise is becoming doubtless to you, as you see My vows always being fulfilled and new.


Apple blossoms of tangible hopes are going to carpet the ground that you walk on, as the plump red apples fill the trees with an overabundance of all that is sweet and good.


You’ll be instantly refreshed with an oasis of supportive water, as you lay back to savor the cool and calming breeze that makes you feel settled. 


Change is in the wind, flying quickly to you like silver dragonflies shimmering in the sun. You’ll be lifted up out of the difficulties as I set you into a majestic castle high above the hardships. 


Everything is new! You’ll enjoy My promises even more and everything will turn out even better than ever before. Life will very much become like a dream, with comforts so nice that you’ll feel them twice coming. 


Every moment holds an opportunity for a surprise–and I know how much you love surprise gifts to cheer you up! Never before have you received so effortlessly. It’s true! You are crossing over into the best you ever knew! 



Scribed by Dannette



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