Faith Stories

One Step at a Time


Since I last posted an update, God had showed up to fulfill His promise to be our home and support several times. I found that being in the summer, there was less availability, so we often had to switch to different suburbs that surround the city where we are located currently. 


During this trip, I had kept a Winnie the Pooh mug with me that says, “Home is with you”. That little mug has been a big comfort to me because I have felt “home sick” having to live out of a suitcase and follow God through unfamiliar places. 


I have been in more cities in the past two weeks than I can remember. During this time, God has been teaching me to stay behind Him with my thoughts and not to get so worried about the next step, the next hour, or the next day. 


God has actually been teaching me a lot through Pooh bear and how he wanders like a child with wondrous curiosity, noticing each little detail. Pooh likes to sit in the Hundred Acre wood and just observe the sounds of the birds and the wind in the trees. 


Like Pooh being observant, God has been speaking to me through the tiniest details, such as dragonflies. I always know when He is going to move us around again, when He highlights a dragonfly to me. 


One of the hardest things for me is to not get ahead with worry about the future. So God has been using this time to trust Him for each step, each meal, and each nights rest. 


We have been mostly in hotels at the moment, but God promised to take us deep into the city to a furnished vacation apartment with breathtaking, skyscraper views. 


It has been equally rewarding to learn to lean so dependently on God and also very hard to be so far from anything familiar. Not knowing where the next place of support will come from is terrifying. I have had to be a tree and rest all of my roots deep into God’s promises to be our home and our support for meals and whatnot. 


This morning, God told us to go to another little town that is north of where we will be “landing”. Last night before we left, God met me in an overnight encounter and He gave me a promise of what He would send for us to stay in the next place. 


However, when you get a promise from God, you can also expect to walk through the opposite conditions as our faith is tested to see if we trust and believe. 


When we were arriving in the new place, I saw about 50 school buses pass me by and I knew that I was going to be tested again. 


That is exactly what happened, we have been trusting in God to show up to save us with His promised rescue and to open up the next place to go. It has been a challenge to stay in a mindset of hope and faith and not allow my mind to wander into negative thoughts of fear and doubt. 


Learning to lean on God step by step and breath by breath has challenged my faith unlike anything I have ever known. I used to think I was so confident in my faith, until my faith was pressed against life or death scenarios. 


However, since following God with only enough money in my pocket for one night at a nice hotel, He has shown up continuously for 5 nights to provide what we needed for each night of a “home”, each meal, and everything else. 


As uncomfortable this is to walk through, I believe with all of my heart that I will come out of this faith testing with the gold of all that God has promised being fulfilled. 


Like Winnie the Pooh cheerfully enjoying the rich comforts of sweet honey, I am putting my life in God’s promises and trusting that the bitterness of having my faith tested so deeply will bring out the sweetest return. 


Also I am still working on the personal prophetic love letters and treasure maps as the best as I can. I will say that having to move so frequently, every few days has very much limited the amount of time that I am able to spend. 


Please be patient with me because I am making sure that I give each one the most valuable uninterrupted attention, so that I can present you with the treasures that God has for each one. 


For those who are needing a little comfort tonight, I say to you what God has been saying to me, take it one step at a time and stay in each moment, like a child that is trusting her Papa to provide every single need with the greatest detail and deepest concern. 


Because when we are in the present moment of just enjoying what God is doing and saying, then there is no worry, or fear of what will or will not come. I have noticed that the moment I think ahead about my bills or needs, I am swept into a flood of worrisome thoughts. 


So don’t worry about tomorrow, because God will take care of tomorrow just as He has taken care of now. 


I love you much! 




To bless the journey



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